TitlePublication Date
A Child's Garden of Stories 1911
The Child's House: A Comedy of Vanessa from the Age of Eight 1923
A Child's Prayer: Unison Song 1938
Children of Colonial Days 1894
Children of Nazareth 1926
The Children of the Hearth 1886
Children of Today and Tomorrow 1949
Children of Twilight: Folk Tales of Indian Tribes 1926
Children's Aid Society of Vancouver, B.C., 1901-1951 1951
Children's Artist Friends 1931
The Children's Book of Dogs and Cats 1895
The Children's Caravan 1928
Children's Crusade 1931
Children's French 1923
Children's Prayers for Today 1971
Chimneys 1934
China's Way: The Commune As an Idea for Change: Teacher's Guide 1973
Chinese Court Costumes 1946
Chinese Diamonds for the King of Kings 1920
Chinese Frescoes from the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto 1950
Chinese Frescoes of the T'Ang Dynasty in the Museum (618-906 AD) 1928
Chinese Ladies at Home 1906
A Chinese Mirror: Being Reflections of the Reality Behind Appearance 1925
Chinese Mortuary Pillows in the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology 1952
Chinese Women Yesterday and Today 1937
Chinese-Japanese Cookbook 1914
Chinook Dictionary, Catechism, Prayers and Hymns 1871
Chips from a Wood Basket 1971
Choosing a Model: A Dialogue for Commencement Day 1914
Choosing a Wife
Chosen of Men 1941
Christ Through the Ages: Sonnets 1970
The Christian Doctrine of Health: A Handbook on the Relation of Bodily to Spiritual and Moral Health 1916
Christie Redfern's Troubles 1866
Christmas 1929
Christmas 1945 1945
Christmas Again and Other Poems 1923
The Christmas Birthday Story 1980
The Christmas Box c1965
A Christmas Carol for All Good Soldiers and Sailors 1914
A Christmas Dream 1950
Christmas Eve and Other Poems 1943
Christmas Guests: A Christmas Play for Girls 1915
Christmas Hymn 1949
Christmas in Canada c1959
Christmas Pie: Selections from Verses Written for Private Greeting Cards and Calendars 1938
A Christmas Song, And Other Verses 1913
Christmas Songs 1910
The Christmas Spirit 1922
Christmas Time: A One-Act Play for Children 1936