The Database of Canada’s Early Women Writers (DoCEWW) is associated with the larger Canada’s Early Women Writers project (CEWW), which in turn is part of the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC) based at the University of Alberta. Both projects include women authors who either lived for an extensive period of time in Canada or self-identified as Canadian, and who published some form of writing in English—in any genre and in any forum—up to and including 1950.

Whereas CEWW offers extensive bio-bibliographic entries on a selection of early Canadian women writers for whom sufficient information can be found, the DoCEWW is a simpler, easily navigable database of all Canadian women writers who have been identified by our project.

Whenever the information is available, DoCEWW records each author’s name, alternative names, dates and places of birth and death, places of residence, titles written, and collections and periodicals contributed to. While DoCEWW already contains some 4500 authors, the list is far from comprehensive, and we invite the public to contribute new names, or additional information about the women we already have listed.

To contact us, please submit a comment in the form on an individual page, or leave a comment on our project blog, specifying the author or title your comment refers to.



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