TitlePublication Date
The Consort 1912
The Conspiracy of Spring and the Scarlet Knight c1920
Consquamcook to the Micmacs, Saint Andrews to You 1942
Constance: A Lay of the Olden Time 1874
Constant Flame 1961
The Consul's Niece 1907
Consumption Cured, By One Who Has Come Through It 1897
Contemporary Problems: National, Imperial and International 1939
Continuous Mediation Without Armistice 1915
The Convict Ship and Other Poems 1850
Cook Book 1937
Cook Right––Eat Right––Live Right 1945
The Cook's Recipe Manual 1942
Cookbook Around the Clock with the Free Press Kitchen 1936
Cookbook of Practical Recipes 1925
Cookery Recipes 1917
Cooking in Wartime 1942
Cooking Secrets 1934
Cooking the French Way 1958
Cooking with an Accent 1946
Cooking-With a Grain of Salt 1938
Cooks' Tour: A Sprightly Amble Through the Simple Country Paths of Rough and Ready Canadian Cookery
Coolshanagh, The Meeting Place of Friends: A Sonnet Story of the New Age 1958
Coptic Knitting: An Ancient Technique 1972
The Cormac Treasure 1941
A Corn of Wheat: Or, The Life of Rev. W.J. McKenzie of Korea 1903
A Corner Stone of Canadian Culture: An Outline of the Arts and Crafts of the Indian Tribes of British Columbia 1944
The Cornflower and Other Poems 1906
Coronation Hymn 1902
Corso, The Donkey 1962
The Cosmic Chef Glee & Perloo Memorial Society Under the Direction of Captain Poetry Presents an Evening of Concrete; courtesy of Oberon Cement Works 1970
Cosmologies: Poems Selected and New 2003
The Cost of Living: Early and Uncollected Stories 2009
Costumes for Canada's Birthday: The Style of 1867 1966
Cot and Cradle Stories 1895
The Cottage at Bantry Bay 1938
Cottage Economy: Containing Information Relative to the Brew, Making of Bread, Keeping of Cows, Pigs, Bees, Ewes, Goats, Poultry and Rabbits, And Relative to Others Matters Deemed Useful in the Conducting of the Affairs of a Labourer's Family 1822
Couchiching Carols 1889
Couchiching Views World Problems 1946
Count de Frontenac 1926
Counterpoint to Sleep 1951
Countries 1971
Country Breezes from Breezy Brae c1920
Country Cook Book with Special Recipes for Making Cookies and an Improved Method of Making Sugar-Beet Syrup 1935
A Country Lover 1948
The Country of the Strangers 1960
The Couple Next Door: Collected Short Stories 2004
Courage to Command: A Story of the Capture of Louisburg 1953
Courageous Women 1934
Couriers of the Sky: The Story of Pigeons 1944