TitlePublication Date
Captain Cook 1928
Captain John Deserontyou and the Mohawk Settlement of Deseronto 1921
Captain Peggy of the Mamie L. 1943
The Captive Gypsy 1926
The Captive Herd 1922
Captive, And Other Poems c1930
The Capture of Quebec and Madeline De Vercheres c1932
The Caravan: A Play About Sunday School Work on the Prairies 1925
The Caravan: A Play About Sunday School Work on the Prairies 1925
Cardiac Defects in the Light of Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrate Heart 1923
Cardinal Road 1955
The Care of Children 1894
The Care of Milk in the Home 1930
The Care of Young Children 1914
The Career of Mrs. Osborne 1903
Careers for Women 1946
Careers for Women in Canada: A Practical Guide 1946
A Cargo of Stories for Children 1929
Cargo on the Great Lakes 1952
Cariboo Trail 1957
The Cariboo Trail: A Chronicle of the Gold-Fields of British Columbia 1916
The Caribou Hut 1949
Carmelita and Other Stories: Fireside Tales by Catholic Authors
The Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne: Victims of the French Revolution
Carmichael 1907
Carnation Cook Book 1935
The Carnation Year Book of Menues and Recipes c1936
The Carnegie Library Demonstration in Prince Edward Island 1936
Carnival Colors c1925
Carol of Long Chance Mine 1959
Carols for Christmas 1926
Carols of Canada 1893
Carols, Old and New 1939
Carried by Storm 1879
Carroll Ashton: The Rewards of Truthfulness 1855
Carry on! 1917
The Case of Mary Fielding 1970
Case with Three Husbands 1970
Casting Out Fear 1918
Castle in Spain 1958
Castle of Quebec 1949
The Cat and the Mushroom 1937
Catalogue of Chinese Paintings, Ancient & Modern: The Property of Mr. Lui Sung-Fu 1915
Catalogue of the Eric R. Dennis Collection of Canadiana in the Library of Acadia University 1938
A Catalogue of the Greek Vases in the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology 1930
Catering for Special Occasions with Menus and Recipes 1911
Catherine of Braganza 1937
Catholic Anecdotes: Or, The Catechism in Examples, 3 Vols. 1866
Cats and Kittens 1895
Cattle 1924