TitlePublication Date
Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1957
A Collection of Poems by Five Montreal Poets 1975
A Collection of Short Fiction c1855
A Colonial Governor in Maryland: Horatio Sharpe and His Times 1753-1773 1912
The Colour of God's Face 1964
Coloured Sand 1933
Come Into My Garden 1935
Come to the Fair 1947
Come True 1927
Comedy Corner 1920
Comfort and Other Poems 1924
Comfort Me with Apples 1965
The Comfortable Arts: Traditional Spinning and Weaving in Canada 1981
Coming My Way? 1948
The Coming of the French 1929
The Coming of the Princess and Other Poems 1881
Commencement Days: A Play in Three Acts of College Girl Life 1908
Committed to His Charge: A Canadian Chronicle 1900
Common Ailments of Children 1930
The Common Sense Recipe Book 1895
A Commonplace Book of Thoughts, Memories, Fancies 1854
Commonplace Sketches 1938
The Commons 1950
The Communion of Labour 1856
Companion Book to a Christmas Garland: Being Hymns for Christmas Eighteen Hundred & Ninety Nine to Christmas Nineteen Hundred and Ten 1910
Companion to the Most Celebrated Private Galleries of Art in London 1844
The Company of New France 1930
A Comparative Life-History Study of Four Species of Woodpeckers 1967
A Comparative Study of Certain Species of Marasmius and Collybia in Culture 1935
Complete Cheerful Cherub: 1001 Verses 1956
Complete Poems 1930
The Complete Poems of Marjorie Pickthall 1936
Complete Typewriting Course: Keyboard Mastery of the Vocabulary Business by the High Frequence Word-Pattern Method, 1937
Composition and Rhetoric 1903
Comrades Two: A Tale of the Qu'appelle Valley 1907
Con O’Regan: Or, Emigrant Life in the New World 1885
Concrete and Wild Carrot 2002
The Conditions of Female Labour in Ontario 1892
The Confederate Chieftains: A Tale of the Irish Rebellion of 1641 c1860
Confessions of a Chorus Girl 1903
Confessions of a Toe-Hanger 1967
Confessions of an Apostate 1864
Confessions of an Early Martyr 1846
Confessions of an Immigrant's Daughter 1939
Confessions, And Other Verses 1909
Conflict and Triumph 1908
Congenital Cardiac Disease 1908
Congenital Heart Disease 1931
The Conquest of Our Western Empire 1927
The Conquest of the Great Northwest: Being the Story of the Adventurers of England Known As the Hudson's Bay Company 1908