TitlePublication Date
Canada 1899
Canada 1941
Canada 1963: The Official Handbook of Present Conditions and Recent Progress 1963
Canada and the British Immigrant 1914
Canada and the World Tomorrow: Addresses Given at the Canadian Institute of Public Affairs, August 19 to 26, 1944 1943
Canada at the Cross Roads 1921
The Canada Book of Prose and Verse, Book One 1932
The Canada Book of Prose and Verse, Book Three 1935
The Canada Book of Prose and Verse, Book Two 1935
Canada Calling 1938
Canada Calls: A Timely Patriotic Play Dedicated to the Children of Canada 1918
Canada Chaps 1917
Canada in Memoriam, 1812-1814 1891
Canada in Story and Song, A Pageant 1927
Canada Through CCF Glasses 1935
Canada, and a Collection of Poems 1961
Canada, The Empire of the North: Being the Romantic Story of the New Dominion's Growth from Colony to Kingdom 1909
Canada: A Patriotic Exercise 1905
Canada: New World Power 1945
Canada: Our Homeland 1900
Canada: Romancing the Land: Poetry by Miriam Waddington 1996
Canada: The Struggle for Empire 1960
Canada: Trial and Triumph 1963
Canada: Why We Live in It and Why We Like It 1861
Canada's Civic Development 1905
Canada's Coronation Calvacade 1910-1937 1937
Canada's New Flag 1917
Canada's North: A Land on the Move c1971
Canada's Peace Tower and Memorial Chamber: A Record and Interpretation 1935
Canada's Salesman to the World: The Department of Trade and Commerce, 1892-1939 1977
Canada's Welcome to Women 1929
A Canadian ABC 1990
The Canadian Atlantic Fishery 1934
A Canadian Book of Months: Verse and Prose 1908
Canadian Born 1903
Canadian Camp Life 1900
Canadian Catalogue: A Manual for Diabetics 1924
Canadian Circus 1939
Canadian Cities of Romance 1922
The Canadian Commonwealth 1915
The Canadian Cook Book: Cookery and Domestic Economy 1908
A Canadian Cookbook 1923
Canadian Country Preserves and Wines 1974
The Canadian Crusoes: A Tale of the Rice Lake Plains 1852
The Canadian Doukhobor Settlements: A Series of Letters 1899
The Canadian Elocutionist: Designed for the Use of Colleges, Schools and Self-Instruction, Together with a Copious Selection in Prose and Poetry of Pieces Adapted for Reading, Recitation and Practice 1885
Canadian Etiquette Dictionary with a Special Section on Travel 1960
Canadian Etiquette for Daily Living 1953
A Canadian Fairy Tale: A Patriotic Play 1916
The Canadian Family Cook Book: A Volume of Tried, Tested and Proven Recipes by Prominent Canadian Ladies 1914