TitlePublication Date
The Cattle in the Stall 1932
Caught in Flight 1931
Caught in the Snare 1893
Cavalcade 1946
Cecily Brownstone's Associated Press Cookbook 1972
Celestial Interim 1933
The Celtic Heart 1929
Centaurs of the Wind 1956
Centenary at Jalna 1958
Centennial Project, 1967: Verses 1967
Centenniel St. Andrew's, Niagara, 1794-1894 1895
Centenniel, St. Mark's [Episcopal] Church, Niagara, 1792-1892 1892
Centre Stage 1938
The Century Cook Book 1895
A Century of Crime: The Development of Crime Detection Methods in Canada 1970
A Century of Nursing 1950
Ceramics for the Potter 1952
Challenge to Time and Death 1943
A Changed Heart 1881
Changes in the Industrial Occupations of Women in the Environment of Montreal During the Period of 1914-1918 1919
Changing Canada, Volume 1: Fish, Fur and Exploration 1951
Changing Canada, Volume 2: New France and the Loyalists 1952
Changing Places: or, Wilton Fairlegh in Animal Land 1886
The Changing Year 1937
La Chanson de Roland 1944
Chaon Orr: Portions of His Autobiography 1896
Chapbook 1931
A Chapbook 1922
The Chapel in the Woods 1925
Chapters in a Lucky Life 1999
Chapters of Life: An Autobiography 1928
Character and Action in Shakespeare 1923
Characteristics of Women: Moral, Poetical and Historical 1832
Characters in Cadence 1938
Charles and His Lamb: Written for the Little Ones of the Household 1895
Charles Deveber Schofield: Late Bishop of British Columbia 1941
Charles Harcourt: Or, The Adventures of a Legatee 1843
Charlie’s Triumph: The Story of a Tamil Kindergartner 1901
The Charm of Ottawa c1932
The Chaste Diana 1923
Chata and Chanita 1889
Chautauqua Greets You 1940
Chautauqua in Canada 1979
A Checklist of Canadian Imprints, 1900-1925 1950
Cheero 1918
Cherries are Ripe 1950
Chevrier: Politician, Statesman, Diplomat and Entrepreneur of the St. Lawrence Seaway 1987
A Child Came Laughing c1940
The Child Care Crisis: The Real Costs of Day Care for You and Your Child 1985
Child Life: Its Development and Care