TitlePublication Date
The Course of Impatience Carningham 1911
Cousin Charlotte's Visit: A Play in Three Acts for Girls' Schools 1900
Cousin Cinderella 1908
Cousin Wilhelmina 1907
Coyote Stories 1933
Craigie 1914
A Cramboed Alphabestiary 1990
Crazy to Kill 1941
The Crime in the Boulevard Raspail: A Tale for Those Who Know Nothing About Art and for Those Who Know Too Much 1932
Crisis 1947
The Crisis of Quebec 1914-18 1937
Crocodile Tears 1935
The Cromaboo Mail Carrier 1878
Cross and Chrysanthemum 1922
Cross Roads...panorama 1940
Crossed Swords: A Canadian-American Tale of Love and Valor 1912
The Crow Poet 1963
Crowd and Mass Behavior 1972
Crowded Out! And Other Sketches 1886
A Crown from the Spear 1872
Crowned at Elim 1903
The Crowned Lovers: The True Romance of Charles the First and His Queen 1935
The Crowning of Canada c1935
Crumbs from the Kitchen 1942
Crushed for Better Wine 1945
Crustula Juris 1913
Cry Ararat! Poems New and Selected 1967
The Cry of a Stricken City: The Last Trip of the S.S. Victoria, By One Who was on Board 1882
Cullen: Poems 2009
Cup of Civilization 1915
Cupid and the Candidate 1906
Curator's Report of Donations Received in the Museums of the Medical Faculty of McGill University, April 16th, 1907, to July 1st, 1910, with Descriptive List and Index of Specimens 1910
Curiosity Rewarded: A Dialogue Between Gilbert Knox and the Curious Public 1926
Curious Career of Roderick Campbell 1901
The Curlew Cried: A Love Story of the Canadian Prairie 1947
Current List of Periodicals in Libraries in Montreal and District 1935
The Curse of Laguna Grande 1973
The Curse That Came Home 1894
Curtain Time 1949
The Curve of Time 1961
Cut My Cote 1973
Cuthbert Grant of Grantown: Warden of the Plains of Red River 1963
Cutlass and Bayonet: Or, The Story of the"Soldiers and Sailors' Home" At Halifax, NS 1875
Cyril Whyman's Mistake 1894
Daddy's Bedtime Animal Stories 1916
Daddy's Bedtime Bird Stories 1917
Daddy's Bedtime Fairy Stories 1916
The Dagmar Who Loved 1904
Dahabeah Days: An Egyptian Winter Holiday 1923
Daily Help for Daily Need 1926