TitlePublication Date
Daily Sight Exercises 1937
Daily Strength for Daily Work 1927
Dairying for Profit; or, the Poor Man's Cow 1892
Daisy Dalton's Decision 1894
Dame Curtsey's Book of Beauty Talks 1923
Dame Curtsey's Book of Candy Making 1913
Dame Curtsey's Book of Cooking Recipes 1922
Dame Curtsey's Book of Etiquette 1909
Dame Curtsey's Book of Guessing Contests 1927
Dame Curtsey's Book of Hints to Housewives 1916
Dame Curtsey's Book of Novel Entertainments for Every Day in the Year 1907
Dame Curtsey's Book of Party Pastimes for the Up-To-Date Hostess 1912
Dame Curtsey's Book of Recipes 1909
Dame Curtsey's Book of Salads, Sandwiches, And Beverages 1915
Dame Curtseys̓ Book of Games for Children: For Indoors and Outdoors and All Occasions 1914
The Dance Dramas of Mexican Villages 1943
Dance of the Happy Shades 1968
Dance on the Earth: A Memoir 1989
Dance with Me! 1949
Dancer in the Dust 1969
Danger on the Coast: A Story of Nova Scotia 1941
Danger on the Coast: A Story of Nova Scotia 1942
Dangerous Deadline 1961
Daniel Du Lhut c1930
Daniel M. Gordon: His Life 1941
The Dark and Bright Side of Women's Suffrage 1911
Dark as the Grave Wherein my Friend is Laid 1968
The Dark Dawn 1926
Dark Harvest: A Tragedy of the Canadian Prairie 1945
The Dark Is Mine 1981
The Dark Secret 1875
The Dark Weaver 1937
The Darling Illusion 1954
Daughter of Donegal: Poems 1945
A Daughter of Saint Peter's 1889
A Daughter of Today 1894
The Daughter of Tyrconnell: A Tale of the Reign of James I 1863
A Daughter of Witches 1900
Daughters of Belgravia 1889
Daughters of Nijo: A Romance of Japan 1904
Daughters, Wives and Mothers in British Columbia: Some Laws Regarding Them 1913
David and the White Cat 1950
David Flemings' Forgiveness 1879
The Davis Family and the Leather Industry 1934
A Davis Geneology 1934
The Dawn of Ampler Life: Some Aids to Social Security 1943
Day and Night 1944
A Day in June
A Day on Skates: The Story of a Dutch Picnic 1934
A Day with Peggy