TitlePublication Date
The Canadian Garden: A Pocket Help for the Amateur 1903
Canadian Geography Readers c1930
Canadian Ghost Stories
The Canadian Girl at Work: A Book of Vocational Guidance 1919
A Canadian Girl in South Africa: A Teacher’s Experiences in the South African War, 1899-1902 1905
Canadian Heroes of Pioneer Days 1930
A Canadian Heroine 1873
Canadian Heroines of Pioneer Days 1929
Canadian History Readers 1922
Canadian Jewish Short Stories 1990
Canadian Life As I Found It: Four Years' Homesteading in the North-West Territories 1908
The Canadian Mother's Book 1923
The Canadian Mother’s Book: Supplement 1923
Canadian Motorists' Handbook
The Canadian Navy 1921
Canadian Novelists, 1920-1945 1946
Canadian Parade Readers 1948
Canadian Penal Institutions 1929
Canadian Portraits: Brant, Crowfoot, Oronhyatekha: Famous Indians 1960
Canadian Public Opinion on the American Civil War 1926
Canadian School Plays 1931
A Canadian Scrapbook: A Volume of Essays and Stories 1897
Canadian Strength: Biographical Sketches 1946
Canadian Summer 1948
Canadian Treasury Reciter 1922
Canadian Twins 1956
Canadian Vegetables for Every Day 1930
Canadian Wild Flowers 1868
Canadian Wild Flowers: Sketches from the Writings of Helen M. Johnson 1884
Canadian Women and the Law 1971
Canadian Women in the War Effort 1942
Canal Boy 1959
Candle and Cup 1941
Candle-Flame and Other Poems 1926
Candled by Stars 1944
Candlelight Days 1913
Cannabis: Weed of Woe 1975
Canned Fruits and Vegetables for Variety in Everyday Meals 1930
Canned Meat Recipes 1945
The Cannibal Heart 1949
Cannibal Speech 1980
Canning by the Cold Pack Method 1918
Canteen: To the Women's Auxiliary of the Three Services Canteen 1944
A Cap for Corinne 1952
The Cape and the River 1947
Cape Breton Harbour 1972
Cape Breton Over 1942
Cape Cod Journal of the Pilgrim Fathers: Reprinted from Mourt's Relation 1920
Cape Dorset Man c1965
Capital of Yukon in '98: City of Tents and Shacks 1922