TitlePublication Date
The Daybreak c1920
The Days of a Life 1883
The Days of Mohammed 1897
Dazzle 1957
De Montfort: Or, The Old English Nobleman 1842
Dead by Now 1954
A Dealer in Sunshine 1926
The Dean's Daughter 1889
Dear Emily 1938
Dear Enemies: A Dialogue on French and English Canada 1963
Dear Enemy and Songs of the Wayside 1930
Dear Life 2012
The Dearest Thing in Boots 1922
Death of Our Dear One 1952
Death on the Ice: The Great Newfoundland Sealing Disaster of 1914 1972
Debby Barnes, Trader 1932
Declaration of Faith 1923
Deep Dorways: A Story of Life in Canada Between Two Wars 1947
Deficient Saints: A Tale of Maine 1899
Delicious Foods and How to Cook Them with Your Westinghouse Electric Range 1946
Delight 1926
Delinquents and Criminals: Their Social World 1970
Delphine of the'eighties 1931
The Demi-Widow 1935
Democracy Must Live!: The Collected Addresses of Dorise W. Nielsen, M.P. 1940
Democracy Needs Education 1942
Democracy's Coming of Age: A General Handbook for Students of British History Tracing the Development of Democratic Self-Government Through Three Thousand Years 1963
Denison's Ice Road 1974
Derby Days in the Yukon, And Other Poems of the Northland 1910
Descriptive Catalogue of Specimens from the Pathological Museum, McGill University 1908
Descriptive Catalogue of the Medical Museum of McGill University, Arranged on a Modified Decimal System of Museum Classification 1915
Descriptive Sketches of Nova Scotia in Prose and Verse 1864
Desert Moon 1939
Desert Ships 1936
The Deserted Island 1979
Desire 1904
Desire – Spanish Version 1932
Desired Haven 1953
Destiny on Demand 1938
Destiny, And Other Poems 1928
A Detached Pirate: The Romance of Guy Vandeleur 1903
The Determination of Basal Metabolism by the"respiratory-Valve and Spirometer Method" Of Indirect Calorimetry with an Observation on a Case of Polyeythaemia with Splenomegaly 1918
The Development of British Thought from 1820-1890 with Special Reference to German Influences 1919
The Devil and His Apple 1945
The Devil Loves Me 1942
The Devil: Does He Exist? And What Does He Do? 1871
The Devil's Butler c1972
The Devil's Gap in Paradise 1924
The Devil’s Workshop 1979
Devotions for School Girls