TitlePublication Date
Dugout Mystery 1953
Dumb Boy of Fribourg: Or, The Pilgrim and the Dragon: A Tale of the Discovery of Gunpowder 1873
The Dumb Man 1933
Dumb Spirit: A Novel of Montreal 1952
Dumb-Bell 1929
The Dumfounding 1960
Duncan Polite, the Watchman of Glenoro 1905
Durie, Stories and Verses 1913
During the Tea Hour c1950
Dusty Dawn 1949
Duty and Happiness in a Changed World 1933
Duty of a Christian Toward God c1855
The Dynamics of Change: Labor Relations on the Montreal Waterfront 1970
Eager Footsteps 1924
Ear Training 1947
The Ear Trumpet 1926
An Early Canadian Biologist—Michel Sarrazin 1659-1735: His Life and Times: An Appreciation of the Prize Essay by Dr. Vallée 1928
Early Days in Canada: A Grandmother's Tale 1939
Early Days in Montreal and Rambles in the Neighborhood 1932
Early History of Grey and Bruce Counties to 1861 1975
Early History of Owen Sound: A Series of Articles Published in the Owen Sound Sun-Times in 1962 1962
Early Life in Canada 1943
The Early Tudors at Home 1976
The Early Victorians at Home 1972
Earth and High Heaven 1944
Earth and Stars 1935
The Earth Beneath Our Feet 1947
The Earth Changes 1937
Earthbound, And Other Poems 1932
The Earthen Lot 1928
The Earthly Purgatory 1904
East and West: Essays and Sketches 1911
East Coast 1951
East of Temple Bar 1946
Easter Greeting 1898
Easter Lilies
Easter Sunday, Early, And Other Poems 1935
An Eastern Window: A Book of Days 1938
Eastertide, And Other Verses 1926
An Easy Primary Reader 1924
Easy Reading Practice c1927
Ebb Tide 1941
Echoes from an Old Garden 1944
Echoes from the Foothills: Poems 1950
Echoes from the Solitudes 1901
Echoes from the Thousand Islands 1893
Echoes of Empire 1900
Echoes of War 1944
An Economic History of Canada 1935
Economics and Life 1948