TitlePublication Date
Bluenose Ghosts 1957
Bluenose Magic: Popular Beliefs and Superstitions in Nova Scotia 1968
Bluenose Magic: Popular Beliefs and Superstitions in Nova Scotia 1967
Bluenose: A Portrait of Nova Scotia 1942
Bob Quested's Troop: A Tale of Prairie Scouts c1912
Bobby Duck Adventures
Bobby's Neighbors 1959
The Body and Health: Grade V 1937
Bohemian Society 1884
The Bold Heart: The Story of Father Lacombe 1956
Bonnie Prince Fetlar: The Story of a Pony and His Friends 1920
A Bonus 1977
A Book About Longfellow 1900
A Book About Shakespeare Written for Young People 1898
A Book for the Young, Being a History of the Kings Who Rules Over God's Ancient People 1870
A Book for the Young. Dedicated by Permission to the Hon. Mrs. Manners Sutton 1856
The Book of Canadian Achievements c1951
A Book of Canadian Prose and Verse 1923
The Book of Eve 1973
The Book of Pets 1897
Book of Poems 1869
Book of Remembrance 1941
The Book of Small 1942
A Book of the Christ Child 1910
A Book of Verse 1912
A Book of Verses 1931
A Book of Verses 1924
A Booklet of Verse: A Jubilee Offering 1897
The Borrowed House 1975
Boughs Bend Over 1943
Boulevard Career 1957
Boundary House 1916
A Bouquet of Rememberings c1934
Bouquets in Textiles: An Introduction to the Textile Arts 1955
Boy in Buckskins: The Early Life of John McDougall 1959
A Boy in the House and Other Stories 1952
Boy of Nazareth 1950
The Boy who Discovered Easter: A Play in Three Scenes 1926
The Boy Who Ran Away 1954
Boy, The Wandering Dog: Adventures of a Fox Terrier 1916
Boys and Girls at Play 1940
The Boys' Parkman: The Romantic History of Canada, Selected from the Historical Works of Francis Parkman 1912
Brachipoda of the Ottawa Formation of the Ottawa-St. Lawrence Lowland 1946
Braggart in My Step: More Stories of Glengarry 1956
Brain Bairns: A Collection of Short Verse
The Brampton Story 1953
The Branding Iron 1919
The Brant Family c1904
The Brave Little People 1933
Brave Spirits 1952