TitlePublication Date
Wayside Echoes: Poems 1893
Wayside Flowers 1876
Wayside Gleams 1925
Wayside Grasses 1935
The Wayside Piper 1915
Wayside Reveries 1939
Wayside Songs 1896
Wayward Winifred 1905
We All Own Canada 1944
We are Alaskans 1931
We are Coming: A Five-Act Modern Drama 1923
We are Seven: Little Songs for Children and Grown-Ups 1928
We Chased a Rainbow 1957
We Keep a Light 1945
We Talk and Write of People and Places 1955
We Talk and Write of What We Do 1955
We Twa: Reminiscences of Lord and Lady Aberdeen 1925
We, Von Arldens 1881
The Weak-Eyed Bat 1942
Wedded But No Wife: Or, Told in the Twilight
Wedded for Pique 1888
Wedding of the Air
Wee Folks Bible A B C Book 1921
Wee Folks Bible Stories from the New Testament 1921
Wee Folks Bible Stories from the Old Testament 1920
Wee Folks Life of Christ 1920
Wee Folks Stories of Angels 1928
Wee Voyagers: Sea Creatures and Their Empty Shells c1955
The Weed's Philosophy and Other Poems 1913
Weeds 1923
The Welcome Wagon 1945
Welcome Wilderness 1946
West, East 1953
West of the Mountains: James Sinclair and the Hudson's Bay Company 1963
West to the Setting Sun 1943
Westerly Wild 1956
Western Sunflowers: An Anthology of British Columbia Verse 1946
Westfield: A Historical Sketch 1925
Westinghouse Dual-Automatic Flavor-Zone Cookery 1932
Westward Ho! 1967
A Whale Named Henry 1982
What did Tommy say? 1960
What Happened After? Some Familiar Fairy Tales Continued 1942
What Is British Israel? 1954
What Is to Be Done? 1983
What Necessity Knows 1893
What Shall I Eat? 1933
What the Women of Europe are Doing Towards Forming National Councils: A Paper Read Before the Ottawa Local Council of Women 1895
What’s the Matter? 1928
Whatever Happened to Maggie and Other People I’Ve Known 1983