TitlePublication Date
Wild Heart, On Autumn Trails and Adventures in Captivity 1922
Wild Memory 1935
Wild Notes from the Backwoods 1850
Wild Rice 1920
Wild Swan Singing c1953
The Wild Swan 1924
Wilderness Walls 1933
Wildfire 1953
Wilhelm, Or Christian Forgiveness: A Tale of the Reign of Philip II, And Other Tales 1863
The Wilhelmina Stitch Booklets 1934
William Arthur Deacon: A Canadian Literary Life 1982
William Arthur Deacon: Memoirs of a Literary Friendship 1978
William Arthur Parks, Ph. D., LL. D., F.r.s., 1868-1936 1971
William King: Friend and Champion of Slaves 1969
William Marah 1900
William Newton Clarke: A Biography 1916
William Saunders and His Five Sons: The Story of the Marquis Wheat Family 1956
William Tyrrell of Weston 1937
Willow Brook Farm 1948
Willow Smoke 1928
Willy Burke: Or, The Irish Orphan in America 1851
The Wind Is a Phantom Spinner: A Lyric 1932
The Wind Our Enemy 1939
A Wind Through the Oaks 1928
Windflower 1970
The Window-Gazer 1921
Windrush: Love Poems 1979
Winds of Pity 1935
Windsinger 1930
Windywhistle 1929
Winged Moccasins to Winged Words 1937
The Winged Watchman 1962
Winged Words 1930
Winged Words 1938
Winged Words 1935
Wings in the West 1937
Wings in the Wind 1954
Wings of the Morning 1945
Wings of the Spirit 1921
Winning Dive: A Camp Story 1950
The Winning Game 1910
The Winnipeg General Hospital School of Nursing, 1887-1953 1953
Winnowaia 1936
Winter and Summer on Ontario's Shore 1861
Winter Day 1967
Winter Night and Other Poems 1975
A Winter of Content 1922
Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada 1838
Winter Sun 1960
Wise and Otherwise 1966