TitlePublication Date
White Lilacs and Other Poems 1922
White Mists of Acadie 1934
White Paper Face in the Window 1987
A White Passion 1913
The White Reef 1934
The White Rose in Acadia and Autumn in Nova Scotia: A Prize Tale and Poem 1855
The White Rose of the Huron 1852
White Sioux: Major Walsh of the Mounted Police 1969
The White Wampum 1895
White Wedding 1945
White Winds of Dawn 1924
White Wings Around the World 1953
The Whiteoak Brothers: Jalna - 1923 1953
Whiteoak Harvest 1936
Whiteoak Heritage 1940
Whiteoaks of Jalna 1929
Whiteoaks: A Play 1936
Who Do You Think You are? 1978
Who Wins? Or, The Secret of Monkswood Waste c1870
Whose Debtors We are 1922
Why and How to Use Buttermilk 1922
Why and How to Use Cheese 1922
Why and How to Use Cottage Cheese 1922
Why and How to Use Cream 1922
Why and How to Use Milk 1922
Why and How to Use Skim-Milk 1922
Why and How: A Handbook for the Use of the WCT Unions in Canada 1884
Why Isn't Everybody Dancing 1990
Why Not Look Beyond? 1936
Why Not Sweetheart? 1901
Why Not Try God? 1934
Wide Horizons c1932
Widger’s Way 1976
The Widow Justified: Or, The Age of Wonders: A Satrical Poem 1858
The Widow of the Rock and Other Poems 1824
The Widow's Jewels: In Two Stories 1844
The Wife of Flanders 1935
A Wife's Tragedy 1881
The Wild Boy of Aveyron 1932
The Wild Brier: Or, Lays by an Untaught Minstrel 1866
Wild Drums: Tales and Legends of the Plains Indians 1972
Wild Flowers of British North America 1867
Wild Flowers of Canada: Impressions and Sketches of a Field Artist 1978
Wild Flowers of Newfoundland, Mainly Orchis-Willow-Buttercup-Mustard-Rose, Part III 1935
Wild Flowers of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 1866
Wild Flowers of Nova Scotia, 1st series 1840
Wild Flowers of Nova Scotia, 2nd series 1853
Wild Flowers of the North American Mountains 1915
Wild Geese 1925
The Wild Goose: An Appreciation of Jack Miner, Naturalist 1923