TitlePublication Date
Wonders of Invention 1961
The Wonders of Lourdes 1874
Wonders of Musical Instruments 1963
The Wondrous Hush 1931
Wood Fires 1942
Wood Violets c1980
Wood-Fire and Candle-Light 1945
The Woodcarver's Wife and Later Poems 1922
Woodland Echoes c1982
Woodland Songs 1936
Woodnotes in the Gloaming: Poems and Translations 1889
Woodsworth: Social Pioneer 1934
The Wooing of Miss Canada 1917
The Wooing of the Queens 1934
The Wooing of Wistaria 1902
Wop May: Bush Pilot 1966
Word from New France: The Selected Letters of Marie De L’Incarnation 1967
Words on a Page and Other Poems 1949
Work and Mental Illness: Eight Case Studies 1965
Work and Play in the Grenfell Mission 1920
Work and Study Book for My World and I 1948
Work and Study Book for Over the Bridge 1958
Work and Study Book for Under the North Star 1947
Work Notes on Common Statistical Procedures 1958
The Work of Our Hands 1905
The Work of the Juvenile Court and How to Secure Such a Court in a Canadian Community 1943
Workbook for the Great Adventure 1951
The Worker in Sandalwood 1914
The Workshops and Other Poems 1919
The World Before Them 1868
The World of Appearance Part II: The Representation of Solidity and Surface Appearances and Textures 1935
A World of Our Own 1936
Worlds Without End 1956
Worship, And Other Poems c1945
Woven of Many Threads 1871
Woven Thoughts 1904
Wraiths 1934
"A Wreath of Rue," for Lent; and The Sacred Lake 1873
A Wreath of Wild Flowers 1877
The Wreck of the"white Bear," East Indiaman 1870
Wrecked on Labrador 1888
The Wreckwood Chair: Sagas of the Sea Told in Wood 1956
The Writing on the Wall 1921
A Wronged Wife 1883
The Wyatt Johnston Descriptive Classification of Museum Specimens: As Applied in the Pathological Museum of McGill University 1925
The Wyndham Family c1959
Wyvern Hall/teddy's Luck/a Contrast 1898
XII Poems 1929
Yea, Though I Walk 1945
A Year and a Day: A Story of Canadian Life 1886