TitlePublication Date
Verses by Dorothy Knight, Eleven Years Old 1893
Verses by the Wayside 1910
Verses for Children 1928
Verses for You c1945
Verses in Writing 1984
Verses of Yesterday c1983
Verses to Men 1920
The Very House 1937
Vesper Chimes 1872
A Veteran of 1812: The Life of James Fitzgibbon 1894
Via Vitae: A Morality Play 1923
Victor Roy: A Masonic Poem 1882
Victoria Cottage Hospital, Commenced 21st June, 1887, Opened 21st June, 1888: A Short Account of a Little Work Begun in Faith 1888
Victoria Poetry Book 1936
Victoria, B.C., City of Enchantment in Canada's Evergreen Playground 1933
Victoria: Or, The Heiress of Castle Cliffe 1862
Victoria's Welcome to Their Majesties 1939
The Victorian Triumph and Other Poems 1898
Victorians 1973
Victory or Death and Other Poems 1916
Victory Verses 1942
The View from Castle Rock 2006
Viewpoint: Collected Poems 1952
Views of Canadian Scenery, for Canadian Children 1843
Vignettes of Muskoka, With Pen, Brush, And Pencil 1900
The Viking Heart 1923
The Viking's Bride 1929
Viking's Rest: A Story of the Land of Evangeline 1924
Vikings of the Pacific: The Adventures of the Explorers Who Came from the West, Eastward 1905
The Village Artist 1905
The Village of Selborne, Ontario, In 1850 1948
Vincent Galleries Book of Cookery 1936
Violet Keith: Or, Convent Life in Canada: An Autobiography 1868
Violetta 1960
The Virginia Heiress 1891
Virginia, A Tragedy, With Odes, Pastorals, And Translations 1756
The Vision of Democracy and Other Poems 1919
A Vision of Heaven and Hell 1813
The Vision of His Face 1909
The Vision of the Seasons and Other Verses 1898
Visit with Chinese Children: A Course for Primary Children on the Theme "Toward Understanding China and the Chinese People" 1968
The Visitants 1981
Visits and Sketches at Home and Abroad 1834
Vivia: The Heiress of Castle Cliffe
A Voice from Harper's Ferry 1861
The Voice of Murder 1956
The Voice of the Wind 1869
Voices from the Range 1911
Voices of Dawn Over the Hills 1912
Voices of Discord: Canadian Short Stories from the 1930s 1979