TitlePublication Date
Two Gentlemen of the Bench 1934
Two Girls on a Barge 1891
Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Strong: A Survey of the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing Organizations in Canada 1943
Two Hundred and Fifty War-Time Recipes 1918
Two in a Flat 1908
Two Little Indians: A Pre-Primer 1933
The Two Miss Jean Dawsons 1880
Two Modern Women: A Story of Labor and Capital As Well As Love and Matrimony 1893
Two Months in the Camp of Big Bear 1885
Two on a Tow 1942
Two Plays for Child Actors 1934
Two Poems 1923
Two Poems 1988
Two Rival Lovers 1881
Two Royal Elizabeths c1953
The Two Saplings 1942
Two Too Many: A Comedy in Three Acts 1927
Two Women 1978
The Two-Thirds Minority 1973
Two-Way Pitcher 1958
Ubaldo and Irene: A Historical Romance 1878
Uirapuru: Based on a Brazilian Legend 2010
The Ukrainian Canadians: A Study in Assimilation 1931
Unbind the Sheaves: A Prairie Memoir 1964
Uncertain Glory 1932
Uncle Sam's Attic: The Intimate Story of Alaska 1930
Under Country Skies 1933
Under the Crescent 1915
Under the Grey Olives 1927
Under the King's Bastion: A Romance of Quebec 1902
Under the Maple 1930
Under the Quiet Water 1949
The Unequal Yoke c1965
The Unexpected Bride: The Story of an Old Fashioned Family 1895
The Unfinished Revolution: The Status of Women in Twelve Countries 1991
Unfold the Years: A History of the Young Women's Christian Association in Canada 1949
Unforgettable, Unforgotten 1945
Union Security 1944
Unit of Five: Louis Dudek, Ronald Hambleton, P.k. Page, Raymond Souster, James Wreford 1944
The United Empire Loyalists
The Universal Sisterhood c1895
Unknown Fairies of Canada 1926
Unless the Eye Catch Fire 1994
Unlike the Lilies: Doukhobor Textile Traditions in Canada 1986
Unmasked 1870
Unnoticed London 1922
The Unquiet Bed 1967
The Unreasoning Heart 1946
Unseen Blossoms and Other Poems 1951
The Unseen Bridegroom: Or, Wedded for a Week 1869