TitlePublication Date
Unsilenced Song: Sonnets of the War and After 1917
The Untempered Wind 1894
Until Charlotte Comes Home 1941
Unto the Hills 1955
Unto Them a Child was Born: A Christmas Story
Untravelled World 1936
Untrodden Paths in the Canadian Rockies
The Unwelcome Guest, And Other Poems c1931
Up and Down the Glens: The Story of Glengarry 1954
Up Came the Moon 1936
Up Canada Way 1942
Up Hill: Or, Paul Sutherland's Progress 1887
Up the Hill and Over 1917
Up the Stream of Time 1944
Uphill All the Way 1977
Upon a Sage Brush Harp 1969
Urania's Training 1925
The Urge Divine, And Other Poems c1951
Utopian Papers 1908
V-E Day 1946
A Vain Sacrifice 1892
Valedictory Address to the Graduating Class of the Royal Victoria Hospital Training School of Nurses, April 12th, 1916 1916
The Valentine Party c1965
Valiant La Verendrye 1927
The Valley of Color-Days 1924
The Valley of the Humber 1615-1913 1913
Vancouver for Kids 1986
Vancouver Island and Other Poems 1940
The Vancouver Sun's 10th Annual Cook Book 1945
The Vancouver Sun's 11th Annual Cook Book 1946
Vancouver, A Twelve Year Old City 1898
Vanish in an Instant 1952
Variable Winds at Jalna 1954
The Vascular Flora of St. Paul Island, Nova Scotia 1931
Vashti, And Other Poems 1884
The Veil 1938
The Veiled Figure and Other Poems 1895
The Velvet Blend Book c1947
The Velvet Deer 1937
Velvet Paws and Shiny Eyes: Adventures of a Little Canadian Boy in Nature’s Wonderland, Among Furry Friends and Feathery 1922
The Vendetta, And Other Tales 1862
Venture at Midsummer 1967
Verdun Days in Paris 1918
Vernon's Aunt: Being the Oriental Experiences of Miss Lavinia Moffat 1894
Verse 1941
Verses 1904
Verses 1938
Verses and Prose 1939
Verses and Rhymes by the Way 1880
Verses by Dorothy Knight, Eleven Years Old 1893