TitlePublication Date
Emily's Quest 1927
Emma: The True Story of Canada's Unlikely Spy 1984
Emotions: What They are and How They Affect Us, from the Basic Hates and Fears of Childhood to More Sophisticated Feelings that Later Govern Our Adult Lives: How We Can Deal with the Way We Feel 1986
The Emperor of Peace River 1965
Empire Study: The Yukon Past and Present 1945
The Empire's Call: Or, The Lone That Belts the World 1901
Employment: The True Source of Happiness: Or, The Good Uncle and Aunt 1825
The Empress Helena: Or, The Victory of the Cross 1915
The Empress of Hearts: A Romance of Marie Antoinette 1928
Ena 1913
The Enchanted Seagull 1917
Enchanted Summer 1976
Enchanted Trails of Glacier Park 1926
The Enchanted Wood 1954
Enchantment 1937
The Enchantments of Britain: Or, King Arthur’S Round Table of the Stars 1944
The Encircling Mist 1925
The End of the Rainbow 1913
The End of the World and Other Stories 1974
England Remembered 1944
England's Oldest Colony 1940
English Atrocities in Ireland: A Compilation of Facts from Court and Press Records 1920
English Embroidery: Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries Collections of the Royal Ontario Museum 1972
The English Governess at the Siamese Court: Being Recollections of Six Years in the Royal Palace at Bangkok 1870
English Merchant Shipping, 1460-1540 1947
The Enjoyment of Art in America 1942
Ensign on a Hill: The Story of the Church Home and Hospital and Its School of Nursing 1854-1954 1954
The Enterprise in Theory and Practice 1940
The Enterprise: The Jubilee Story of the Canadian Baptist Mission in India, 1874-1924 1924
Entertaining at the Tea Hour 1935
Enthusiasm, And Other Poems 1831
Epistles O' Hugh Airlie 1888
The Equations of Love 1952
Erminie: Or, The Gypsy Queen's Vow. A Tale of Love and Vengeance 1863
The Errand Runner: Reflections of a Rabbi's Daughter 1981
Escape 1920
The Eskimos in Canada 1971
Essays, Short Stories and Poems, Including a Sketch of the Author’s Life 1881
The Essential P.K. Page 2008
Essential Traits of French-Canadian Poetry 1938
Essentials of Dietetics 1908
Essentials of French Pronunciation 1916
The Estabrooks Family in Concord, Massachusetts, And on the Saint John River, New Brunswick, Canada, Also in Haverhill Massachusetts 1955
Estella's Husband: Or, Thrice Lost, Thrice Won 1869
Esther De Warren: The Story of a Mid-Victorian Maiden 1927
Esther, A Sacred Drama, With Judith, A Poem 1840
Esther's Story: The Reminiscences 1950
Etchings from a Parsonage Veranda 1895
Etchings of Fenelon Falls 1931
Eternal Youth: Addresses to Girls, 1913-1930 1931