TitlePublication Date
The Tower and the Town 1950
The Towers of Ilium c1916
Town and Forest 1942
Town and Trail 1907
The Town Crier of Gevrey 1930
Towns of the Maritimes 1947
A Township on the Lake: Beaverton and Thorah, 1820-1952 1952
Toy Balloons: Verses for Children 1934
Toy Ships: Poems for Children 1926
Toys from the Sky 1972
The Toys Visit the Circus
Trader King, As Told to Mary Weekes 1949
Traders to the Navajos: The Story of the Wetherills of Kayenta 1934
Traditional Songs from Nova Scotia 1950
The Trail of the Broad Highway 1929
The Trail of the Conestoga 1924
The Trail of the Iroquois 1924
The Trail of the King's Men 1931
Trails I've Ridden 1946
The Trails of Truth 1930
Train for Tiger Lily 1954
A Training School for Lovers 1896
Training School for Nurses: Royal Victoria Hospital, 1894-1943 1943
Training School Methods for Institutional Nurses 1919
Träumereien 1900
Travel Alone and Love It 1958
Travellers West 1956
The Travelling Musicians 1991
The Travelling Picture 1971
Travels and Identities: Elizabeth and Adam Shortt in Europe, 1911 2017
Travels and Tales of Miriam Green Ellis 2013
Tread of the Moccasin: The Story of the Indian People in the Owen Sound Area 1980
A Treasure for Tony 1980
A Treasure Lost 1904
The Treasure of Echo Valley 1964
The Treasure of Ho: A Romance 1924
Treasure Seeking in the Store-Rooms of the Past 1931
A Treasure Ship of Old Quebec 1936
Treasure Trove in Gaspé and the Baie Des Chaleurs 1919
Treasure Valley 1908
Treasure: A Play in One Act 1927
A Treasury of Stories, Jingles and Rhymes 1894
A Treatise on Everyday Law 1902
A Tree for Poverty 1954
A Tree Full of Birds, And Other Poems 1967
The Tree of Life 1988
The Tree of Resurrection and Other Poems 1937
Tree-Top Mornings 1921
The Trees and Fields Went the Other Way 1974
The Tremendous Adventure of the Peace Fairy 1945