TitlePublication Date
Select Poems of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1907
Selected Poems 1977
Selected Poems 1951
Selected Poems 1938
Selected Poems 1941
Selected Poems 1991
The Selected Poems of Lizzie E. Palmer 1887
Selected Poems of Malcolm Lowry 1962
The Selected Poems of Marjorie Pickthall 1957
Selected Poems of Nellie Ball 1951
Selected Poems, 1926-1956 1957
Selected Poems: The Self-Completing Tree 1986
Selected Stories of Isabella Valancy Crawford 1975
Selected Writings of William Lyon MacKenzie 1960
Selection of Poems 1899
Selections from"Sonnets to Gabriel" 1931
Selections from Anglo-Saxon Songs c1918
Self As Theme in Grove's Novels 1965
The Self Conscious Imagination: A Study of the Coleridge Notebooks in Celebration of the Bi-Centenary of His Birth, 21 October 1772 1974
The Self of Loss: Poems New and Selected 1976
Self-Denial Days
Self-Expression Through Art: An Introduction to Teaching and Appreciation 1951
The Selkirk Settlers and the Church They Built at Belfast 1939
Seneca's Conception of the Stoic Sage As Shown in His Prose Works 1936
Sense and Sentiment 1920
Sent to Coventry 1929
Sepass Poems: Songs of Y-Ail-Mihth 1955
Septimus the St. Bernard 1949
Sequel 1949
Seraph 1896
Serbia: A Sketch 1917
A Serious Widow 1991
Serpent's Tooth 1947
Set in Authority 1906
Seven Drops of Water: Being a Reprint from the Scholarly Study 'Sherlock Holmes, A Great Canadian' 1972
Seven Sheaves 1945
The Seven Stars and Other Poems 1918
Seven Stones: A Portrait of Arthur Erickson, Architect 1981
The Seven Wayfarers: A Tale for Children, Old and Young 1907
Seven Years and Mair 1878
Seventy-Five Years: A Historical Sketch of the Baptist Women's Missionary Union 1947
Sex and the Teen Age Revolution c1967
Sh’Atjinkujin: Parts of the Communion Service of the Church of England, Privately Printed for the Use of the Lower Fraser Indians in the All Hallows Mission Chapel, Yale 1891 1894
Shackles 1926
A Shadow Falls 1954
The Shadow of the Pines 1940
The Shadow of the Rock; and The Voice in the Twilight 1880
The Shadow of the Steppe 1930
The Shadow of Tradition: A Tale of Old Glengarry 1927
Shadow Over Chokomata 1977