TitlePublication Date
Ropes of Sand, And Other Stories 1873
Rory of Willow Beach 1912
Rosa Dei Venti/Compass Rose 1998
Rosamund of Monterre: A Canadian Pastoral 1923
The Rosary in Terza Rima 1941
The Roscoe Family of Kings County, Nova Scotia 1986
Rose à Charlitte: An Acadian Romance 1898
Rose Died 1984
A Rose from the Little Queen
Rose of Canada
Rose Wood: Or, The Octaroon's Bride: A Novel 1889
The Rose-Coloured World and Other Fantasies 1910
Rose: A Tale of the Indian River and Other Poems 1891
Rose's Last Summer 1952
Roselle of the North 1927
Rosemary and Rue 1914
Rosemary Wins Her Cap 1955
Roses in December 1944
Roses of Shadow 1930
Roseville Seminary: A Temperance Story 1878
Rosina: A Comic Opera in Two Acts, as performed at the Theatre Royal, Convent Garden 1783
Rough and Smooth: Or, Ho! For an Australian Goldfield 1865
Rough Layout 1981
Roughing It in the Bush: Or, Life in Canada 1852
Roumania in Light and Shadow 1921
'round New Brunswick Roads 1950
A Round Table of the Representative Catholic Novelists 1897
Round the Council Fires 1935
Roundelays: Dansons a La Ronde 1963
Rowell-Sirois Report 1940
Rowland Massingham; or, I Will Be My Own Master
Roxanne, Industrial Nurse 1957
Royal and Other Distinguished Visitors to Owen Sound c1987
Royal and Other Distinguished Visitors to Owen Sound
The Ruby Book of Remembrace 1947
Ruby of Melchior 1937
Rudiments of Music 9 Vols. 1943
Ruffles and Rapiers: Being the Half-Forgotten Romances of the Gallant Women and the Doughty Men in the Days of Colonial Adventure c1930
Rufus Round and Round 1973
A Run for His Money: A Comedy in One Act for Three Men and Three Women 1937
Runaway 2004
Runaway Russia 1918
Running a Saw Mill in Yukon 1901
Russia in Nineteen Twenty-Six 1927
Rustic Rhyme and Rythmn 1949
Ruth: Tale of New Beginnings 1948
Rx for Murder 1946
Ryerson of Upper Canada 1969
Sacred and Legendary Art 1857
The Sacred Bullock, and Other Stories of Animals 1939