TitlePublication Date
Rilla of Ingleside 1921
Ring in the Grass 1946
Ringfield 1914
Ringing the Changes: An Autobiography 1957
Ripples from the Ranks of the Q.M.A.A.C. 1918
Rippling Rivers: My Diary 1920
The Risk 1958
The Rival Brothers 1875
The Rival Forts: Or, The Velvet Seige of Beausejour 1907
Rivalries in Ethiopia 1935
The Rivals of Acadia: An Old Story of the New World 1827
River and Realm 1959
River for My Sidewalk 1953
The Rivers of America 1937-1951
Road O' Dreams: Poems 1922
The Road of the Gods 1930
The Road Past Altamont 1966
The Road to Damascus 1907
The Road to Kip's Cove 1961
The Road to Reconstruction 1987
Road to the Forks: A History of the Community of Fort Garry 1969
Road's End 1943
Roads and Other Poems 1957
Roads to Summerside: The Story of Early Summerside and the Surrounding Area 1980
Rob Roy: The Frontier Twins 1934
Robbie Meredith 1876
Robert Bruce Kinley and His Family 1941
Robert Gourlay, Gadfly: Forerunner of the Rebellion in Upper Canada 1837 1971
Robin 1957
A Robin Calls 1946
Robin Hood and His Merry Men 1914
The Robot Detective 1932
Roger Van Der Weyden and the Flemalle Enigma 1955
Rogue's Gallery of Pups 1938
Roland Graeme, Knight: A Novel of Our Time 1892
Roman Cooking Utensils in the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology 1921
Roman Cooks 1914
Romance Island 1933
Romance of a Jesuit Mission 1897
The Romance of a Princess: A Comedy, And Other Poems 1922
The Romance of Canada: An Historical Pageant 1923
The Romance of Old Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia 1934
The Romance of the Rails 1929
A Romance of Toronto 1888
The Romano-British Collection in the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology 1925
Romantic Quebec 1932
A Romantic Romance 1893
Romantic Vancouver Island: Victoria Yesterday and Today 1943
Romantic Winnipeg 1938
A Rope in the Hand: From Memoirs, Diaries and Letters of Captain Francis J. Brown, 1877-1909 1975