TitlePublication Date
Silent and True: Or, A Little Queen 1877
Silent Reading for the Grades c1927
Silent Rhythm 1939
Silent Scot, Frontier Scout 1925
The Silent Screen and My Talking Heart: An Autobiography 1988
The Silent Song of Mary Eleanor 1983
The Silent Zone 1926
Silhouettes of the Forest 1940
Silken Threads 1927
The Silly Moon and Other Verse 1935
Silver Bells and Cockle Shells 1925
The Silver Cloud 1942
Silver Lining 1935
The Silver Lining: A Collection of Poems and Essays 1912
The Silver Man 1958
The Silver Maple: a Story of Upper Canada 1906
Silver Peaks 1935
The Silver Pelt 1960
Silver Shadows 1951
Silver Star: Or, The Mystery of Fontelle Hall. A Story of New Jersey in the Olden Time 1861
The Simple Adventures of a Memsahib 1893
Simple Stories and Experiments in Science c1937
Simply Life 1932
Since Adam 1927
Sincere Desires: Poems 1936
Sing a Song of Canada 1937
The Singing Canoe 1969
The Singing Gypsy 1941
The Singing Season: A Romance of Old Spain 1925
Sir Charles G.D. Roberts: A Biography 1943
Sir Frederick Haldimand 1904
Sir George W. Ross: A Biographical Study 1923
Sir Noble, the Police Horse 1940
Sir Richard Burton's Wife 1941
Sir Rowland Hill: The Story of a Great Reform 1907
Sir Wilfred Grenfell 1941
Sir William Osler 1924
Sir William Osler: Memorial Number, Appreciations and Reminiscences 1926
Sister and I from Victoria to London 2011
Sister Anne! Sister Anne! 1919
Sister Woman 1919
Sisters of Charity 1855
The Sisters of Charity, Halifax 1956
Sisters of St. Boniface 1930
The Sisters of Torwood 1890
Sisters: Canada and India 1939
Six Centuries of French Master Drawings in America 1950
Six Darn Cows 1979
The Six Queens of Henry 1937
A Six Weeks' Tour in Western Canada, By a Lady 1865