TitlePublication Date
Relics of a V.A.D. 1935
Relief 1938
The Relief of Ladysmith: How It was Celebrated in Charlottetown 1900
Remember Together 1956
Remember, Nurse 1960
Remembering c1946
Rememberings Along the Way c1930
Reminiscences of a Cruise in the Mediterranean and a Visit to the Holy Land and Egypt 1910
Reminiscences of Old Quebec: Subterranean Passages Under the Citadel--Account of the Old Convent of the Congregation of the Notre Dame, That Does Not Now Exist, Prominent Old Quebecers, Etc., Etc. 1890
Reminiscences of Seventy Years 1908
Reminiscences of the Great North-West, With Some Account of His Service in South Africa, By Colonel S. B. Steele, Late of the N.W.M. Police 1915
The Removing of Mountains: Papers for the War Time, No. 21 1915
Renewal c1954
Renewal of a Canadian Port: Owen Sound on Georgian Bay 1993
The Renewal of Youth and After 1924
Renny's Daughter 1951
Repent at Leisure 1957
Repent at Leisure 1945
Report of an Unusual Case of Congenital Cardiac Disease: Defect of the Upper Part of the Interauricular Septum (Persistent Ostium Secundum), with, for Comparison, a Report of a Case of Persistent Ostium Primum 1910
Report on an Educational Campaign: The Cincinnati Plan for the United Nations 1950
Report on the Status of the Indian and Metis Women of Manitoba, March 1968 1966
Republications of Essays Upon Art, And Recent Notices of the Works of the Old Masters, At the Lyceum Gallery 1849
The Research Compendium: Review and Abstracts of Graduate Research, 1942-1962 1964
Restless are the Sails 1941
Retaliation 1923
Retrospects: A History of the Formation and Progress of the Women's Missionary Aid Societies of the Maritime Provinces 1892
The Return and Selected Poems 1941
The Return of the Emigrant 1929
Return of the Viking 1955
Return to Jalna 1946
Return to the River: A Novel 1963
Return to Today 1961
Revelations, Comic and Tragic 1895
Reveries 1937
Reveries in Rhyme c1950
Reward and Other Poems 1939
Rhyme and Rhythm 1932
The Rhyme Garden 1917
Rhyme-Thoughts for a Canadian Year 1904
Rhymes and Rambles 1935
Rhymes and Stories of Olden Times 1894
Rhymes of the Kings and Queens of England 1896
Rhymes, Right or Wrong, Of Rainy River 1926
The Rhythm Hour 1939
Rhythm Poems 1944
A Ribband of Blue 1929
Rickets: Prevention and Care 1929
Right Hand, Left Hand: A True Memoir of the Thirties 1977
The Right Princess 1902
The Right to Have Enough Money: A Straightforward Guide to the Disability Income System in Canada 1990