TitlePublication Date
Princess and Poet 1897
A Princess in Calico 1903
Princess Mignon: A Musical Play in Three Acts 1900
Princess Pat's Pets and Canada's 1915
Princess Sukey: The Story of a Pigeon and Her Human Friends 1905
The Princess Who Dreamed Too Much c1945
Principal Poisonous Plants of Canada 1920
The Principles and Practice of Oral Reading 1904
Prisoner in Japan 1945
Prisoner of Louisburg 1966
A Private Place 1975
Prize Winners 5th Annual Cook Book 1938
Prize Winning Recipes From the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Jewel Shortening Recipe Contest Supplemented by 54 of the Best Recipes from the Eastern Canada Jewel Contest 1936
Pro Christo Et Ecclesia 1900
The Problem of the Unemployed: A Paper by Helen R.Y. Reid, B.A., Read before the Montreal Local Council, Received by the National Executive, and Ordered to be Printed c1895
Proceedings of the Conference of Canadian Artists 1941
Procrastination: Or, Maria Louisa Winslow 1840
Prodigal 1982
The Prodigal Son c1930
A Prodigal 1907
The Product of the Mill 1927
Profession and Principle; or, The Vicar's Tales
Profit: Or, The Poor Man’s Cow 1892
Profitable Herb Growing and Collecting 1916
The Progress of Love 1986
Progressive Exercises on the English Language, to Correspond with the Prompter 1845
Prohibition in Canada; A Memorial to Francis Stephens Spence 1919
Prologue to Love 1932
Promise: Narrative and Other Poems 1943
Promised Land 1920
The Prompter: Containing the Principles of the English Language 1844
Prophet, Presbyter, And Servant of Mankind: A Memoir of Rev. Canon G. Osborne Troop, M.a.
The Prophet's Camel Bell 1963
Proposed Changes in Farming Enterprises 1953
Prospero's Daughter 1988
The Protected Place 1979
Proud As a Queen: Or, Kate Danton the Beautiful c1904
Proudfoot to Pepperbox to Posterity, 1833-1983: The 150-Year History of New St. James Presbyterian Church 1983
Psyche 1916
Ptarmigan: Or, A Canadian Carnival 1895
Public Health Nursing in Canada 1945
Public School Domestic Science 1898
Public School Household Science 1905
Public Welfare Administration in Canada 1930
Publications of the Department of Trade and Commerce, 1892-1969 1976
Pumpkin Time c1965
Pun and Fuzzles! 1974
The Pure in Heart: A Story in the Time of Luther and Other Stories 1925
Purgatory: Doctrinal, Historical and Poetical 1886
Purity Flour Cook Book 1917