TitlePublication Date
Lyrical Echoes 1899
Lyrics and Sonnets 1939
Lyrics from the Westland 1912
Lyrics of the Past, And Other Poems 1872
M'lord, I Am Not Guilty 1954
Mabel’s Christmas Party
MacCarthy More: Or, The Fortunes of an Irish Chief in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth 1868
MacLean's Surprise Recipes 1927
The Mad Carews 1927
A Mad Marriage 1875
Madam Red Apple 1929
Madame Janvier's Church 1909
Madame Janvier's Church 1910
Madame La Tour 1932
Made in Canada 1943
Madeleine: An Autobiography 1919
The Madonna of a Day 1895
Maestro 1958
The Maestro Murders 1931
Magdalen’s Vow
Maggie Muggins 1944
Maggie Muggins Again 1949
Maggie Muggins and Benny Bear 1962
Maggie Muggins and Her Animal Friends 1959
Maggie Muggins and Her Friends 1954
Maggie Muggins and Mr. McGarrity 1952
Maggie Muggins and the Cottontail 1960
Maggie Muggins and the Fieldmouse 1959
Maggie Muggins Bedtime Stories 1959
Maggie Muggins by the Sea 1959
Maggie Muggins Gives a Party 1961
Maggie Muggins in the Meadow 1956
Maggie Muggins Stories: A Recent Selection of the Famous Canadian Radio Stories 1950
Maggie Muggins Tee Vee Tales 1958
The Magic Clock 1931
Magic for Marigold 1929
Magic Hill, And Other Poems 1929
Magic Journeys 1928
The Magic Key 1901
The Magic Map 1927
The Magic Music Shop 1929
Magic of the Old Way
Magic on the March: The 50 Year History of Canada’S Famous Preston Scout House Bugle Band 1988
The Magic Pony 1981
The Magic Universe 1930
Magic Windows 1946
The Magical Hats of Jonathan Lee 2004
The Magical Miss Mittens 1970
The Magpie's Nest 1917
A Maid of Many Moods 1902