TitlePublication Date
Little Women 1946
Little Wooden Duck 1945
The Little Yellow House 1953
Little-Known Women of the Bible 1936
Little-Known Young People of the Bible 1937
Littlehope Hall 1864
The Littlest Ones 1898
Liverpool Privateering, 1756-1815 1939
Lives of Girls and Women 1971
Living by Bells: A Narrative of Five Schools in British Columbia 1970
Living in Canada 1944
Living in Canada 1954
Living in Canada
Living Island 1965
The Living Stone: Poems and Drawing 1946
Living to-Day: A First Book on Economics 1949
Livres Pour Aujourd'hui Et Demain 1944
'lizabeth of the Dale 1910
Lizzie Anne 1927
Local Rag 1951
The Lodge: A Comedy in Four Scenes 1976
Log Cabin in the Forest 1954
The Log Line: The Adventures of a Great Sailing Captain 1972
The Log of a Lame Duck 1938
The Log of the Sail of the Sailor's Rest c1885
The Log's Lament: Burns' Home 1898
The Loghouse Nest 1945
London Adventure: A Guide to Old Treasures in New Ways 1939
London Chlid 1954
London Discoveries in Shops and Restaurants 1924
Lone Cone: A Journal of Life in the West Coast of Vancouver Island 1945
The Lone House: A Poem Partly Founded on Fact 1859
The Lonely Bride 1947
The Lonely Wife 1921
The Long Day: Reminiscences of the Yukon 1926
Long Drums and Cannons: Nigerian Dramatists and Novelists 1952-1966 1968
A Long Life 1925
A Long Way to Oregon 1984
Longest Way Around 1937
Look Up and Hope 1897
Look Up! 1939
Looking Forward 1890
Looms and Their Products: 1977 Proceedings Irene Emery Roundtable 1979
Lord of the Silver Dragon: A Romance of Lief the Lucky 1927
The Lord of Thought: A Study of the Problems Which Confronted Lord Jesus and the Solution He Offered 1922
Lord Selkirk 1932
Lords of the North: A Romance of the Northwest 1900
Lords of the Wilderness 1933
Lorena Telforth 1952
Lost Diver 1955