TitlePublication Date
The Master of Jalna 1933
Masters of Music: Stories of the World's Greatest Composers for Boys and Girls 1937
The Match of the Season c1889
Mater Silva 1929
Materia Medica, Pharmacology, And Therapeutics for Nurses 1921
Maternal Mortality in Canada 1928
Mathilda of Canossa, And Yoland of Groningen 1885
Matrimonial Speculations 1854
Maude Percy's Secret c1884
Maureen Dhu, The Admiral’s Daughter: A Tale of Claddagh of Galway 1870
Maxie and Her Adventures in Spain: Or, The Rescue of a Royalist 1936
Maxie and the Golden Bird 1939
Maxie at Brinksome Hall: Or, Strange Adventures with Her Chums 1934
Maxie in the Jungle: Or, The Temple of the Incas 1937
Maxie in Venezuela: Or, The Clue to the Diamond Mine 1932
Maxie, An Adorable Girl: Or, Her Adventures in the British West Indies 1932
Maxims and Counsels of St. Adolphus Liguori for Every Day in the Year 1887
Maya Enumeration 1910
Mayflowers and Roses: A Bouquet of Verse 1946
McBain's Brier Rose 1957
McGill's Heroic Past, 1821-1921: An Historic Outline of the University from Its Origin to the Present Time 1921
McGillivray, Lord of the Northwest 1962
Me: A Book of Remembrance 1915
Meadowhurst Children and Other Tales 1898
Meals of the Day: A Guide to the Young Housekeeper 1904
Meat Cookery by Schneiders c1935
The Meat Extender Book with Roasting Chart 1943
The Meat Extender 1943
Mechanical Dolls: One-Act Christmas Play for Small Children 1925
A Medical Dictionary for Nurses 1928
Medicinal Plants of East and Southeast Asia: Attributed Properties and Uses 1980
Medicine Hat (Sunny Alberta) 1922
Meditations 1955
Mediums and Mystics: A Study in Spiritual Laws and Psychic Forces 1923
Medoline Selwyn's Work 1889
Meet Mr. Coyote: A Series of BC Indian Legends (Thompson Tribe) 1941
Melody Unheard 1950
Memoir and Writings of Mrs. Hannah Maynard Pickard 1845
Memoir of Elizabeth Jones, A Little Indian Girl Who Lived at the River-Credit Mission, Upper Canada 1838
Memoir of Lebaron Botsford 1892
Memoir of Rev. Thomas Henry, Christian Minister, York Pioneer, And Soldier of 1812 1880
Memoir of the Life of Mrs. Eliza Ann Chipman, Wife of the Rev. William Chipman, of Pleasant Valley, Cornwallis 1855
Memoirs and Essays Illustrative of Art, Literature, And Social Morals 1846
Memoirs and Memories 1911
Memoirs of a Loose Cannon 2008
Memoirs of an Educational Pioneer 1951
Memoirs of Celebrated Female Sovereigns 1831
Memoirs of Early Italian Painters and of the Progress of Painting in Italy 1868
The Memoirs of Susan Sibbald, 1783-1812 1926
Memoirs of the Life of Rev. E.j. Dunphy 1877