TitlePublication Date
Little Duffy at the Farm
Little Duffy Goes Fishing
The Little Emigrant's Birthday, and the Children of the Alps 1853
The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi 1898
Little Folks Canadian Stories
Little Giant (Miss-Top-Ashish): The Story of Henry Kelsey 1950
Little Golden Beams c1935
Little Grace; Or, Scenes in Nova Scotia 1846
Little Gray Doors 1926
The Little Green Glove and Other Stories 1920
Little Grown-ups 1897
Little Hearts 1915
A Little House in the Hollow 1868
Little John Bull and Other Poems 1915
Little Liar 1934
Little Lizzie: Or, What Does It Mean? 1854
Little Lords of Creation 1900
Little Louisa
Little Madam: A Biography of Henrietta Maria 1939
The Little Magic Fiddler: The Story of Donna Grescoe 1951
Little Men 1950
Little Men and Maids 1896
Little Miss Ellerby and Her Big Elephants: Respectfully Dedicated to all Whom It May Concern 1889
Little Miss Melody 1921
Little Old Bear 1962
The Little Organist of St. Jerome and Other Stories of Work and Experience 1902
Little Pioneers 1916
A Little Posy of Poems: Collected for the Library of Division Four, Aberdeen School, Vancouver
Little Prayers for Little Lips 1921
The Little Prisoner: Or, Passion and Patience
The Little Quaker: Or, The Triumph of Virtue
Little Rosebuds 1898
Little Royal People 1895
Little Saint Teresa 1923
Little Sam in Volendam 1908
Little Serena in a Strange Land 1870
Little Songs for Sale 1928
Little Songs: A Book of Poems 1925
Little Stars on Christmas Skies c1935
Little Stories About Newfoundland 1929
A Little Talk About the Baby 1913
Little Things 1945
Little Things on Life's Highway
Little Thunder's Wooing: A Legend of the Blomidon and Glooscap Country 1950
Little Towns 1940
Little Towns 1934
Little Travelers 1937
Little Utchima (Rhoda): A Letter from Mrs. Armstrong, Recent Missionary, to the Telegus, to the Heart and Hand Mission Band in Providence, R.I. 1883
Little Ways and Great Plays 1892
Little White Boats 1935