TitlePublication Date
Lost for a Woman 1880
The Lost Hole of Bingoola: A Story of the Australian Bush 1942
Lost House 1938
Lost in the Backwoods: A Tale of the Canadian Forest 1882
Lost in the Woods: A True Story 1929
The Lost Jewel of the Mortimers 1894
The Lost Son 1885
Lost: A Cavalier 1947
Louis De Sacy: Or, The Boy That Would Not Be a Priest 1854
Louisburg 1928
Lovable Stranger 1949
Love 1949
Love and Salt Water 1956
Love and the Woman of Tomorrow 1913
Love and Work Enough: The Life of Anna Jameson 1967
Love Deferred 1951
Love Is a Secret Place 1971
Love Is Recognition 1971
Love Letters to Baruch of Margaret Lawrence Greene 1973
The Love of a Good Woman 1998
The Love of Azalea 1904
Love Passed This Way 1942
Love Should Be Laughter 1947
Love Through All: A Voice from the Sick Room, Thoughts for Each Day 1893
Love, Hate, Fear, Anger, and the Other Lively Emotions 1964
Love's Dazzling Glitter c1904
Love's Divine Alchemy 1893
Love's Memory 1936
Love’s Response: Easter 1890
Loved I Not Honour More 1887
The Loveliest Picture: Three-Part Chorus for Women's Voices 1940
The Lovely and the Wild 1987
Lovely You: Any Woman, Any Time, Can Have the Illusion of Loveliness 1951
Lovers and Strangers 1957
Lovers' Meetings or Monica's Destiny 1937
Loving Memories, And Other Poems 1922
Low Life and Other Plays 1929
Low Life: A Comedy in One Act 1925
Lower Fort Garry 1957
The Loyalists of New Brunswick 1955
The Loyalists, An Historical Novel 1812
Lucky Orphan 1947
Lucy Raymond: or, The Children's Watchword 1871
Ludwig, The Emigrant: A Comedy in Three Acts 1896
Lulu Street: A Play 1972
Lunar Caustic 1968
The Lunch Box and Food Saver Book
Luncheon: A Cook's Picture Book 1902
Lydia Pinkham Is Her Name 1949
The Lyric Psalter: The Modern Reader’s Book of Psalms 1940