TitlePublication Date
Aunt Mary's Family Album 1912
Aunt Sophie Speaks 1933
Aunt Susan's Visit 1917
Aunt Tabitha 1826
Autobiography and Letters of Mrs. M.O.W. Oliphant 1899
Autobiography of a Chinese Dog 1926
Autumn Affluence 1960
Autumn Leaves 1869
Autumn Leaves 1907
Autumnal Query 1947
The Awakening 1933
Aweena: An Indian Story of a Christmas Tryst in the Early Days 1906
Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk: Or the Hidden Secrets of a Nun's Life in a Convent Exposed! 1836
An Awful Mystery 1875
B... Was for Butter and Enemy Craft 1976
The Babes in the Wood 1895
Baby Bonuses: Dollars or Sense? 1945
Baby Folk 1898
Baby, Sally, and Joe 1938
A Baby's Requirements 1892
Back a Long Way c1986
Back Door Neighbors 1946
Back in the Fifties, or, Winnings and Weedings: A Tale of Tractarian Times 1907
Back to the Kitchen, Woman! A Comedy c1945
The Backwoods of Canada: Being Letters from the Wife of an Emigrant Officer 1836
The Backwoodswoman: A Chronicle of Pioneer Home Life in Upper and Lower Canada 1924
The Bairns: Or, Janet's Love and Service 1870
The Ballad of D’Arcy McGee: Rebel in Exile 1967
The Ballad of the Quest 1922
Ballades and Bits 1937
Ballads of Old Bristol 1914
Bamboo Bridges: The Story of Ronald J. Con, B.a. 1969
Bamboo: Tales of the Orient-Born 1914
Band of Hope Ritual: With Responsive Readings and Temperance Hymns 1884
The Band Plays a March, and Other Poems 1936
The Bandit’s Son: A One-Act Play for Boys
Banff Collections and Recollections
The Banff Jasper Highway 1948
The Banff Windermere Highway 1923
The Banker's Grandchildren 1877
Banner in the Sky and Other Poems 1950
The Banqueting House c1900
Banshee 1983
Barbara Heck 1930
Barbara's Marriages 1915
The Baronet's Bride: Or, A Woman's Vengeance 1868
Barriers 1912
Barton on the Mountain 1956
Basal Reader, Grade Four 1948
The Base-Stealer 1951