TitlePublication Date
Baseball Rookies Who Made Good 1954
A Basket of Apples and Other Stories 1988
The Battle of Crysler's Farm 1967
The Battle of St. Julien and Other Poems 1928
The Battles of the Crimea with Other Poems 1855
Bayfield, Ontario, Canada: On Lake Huron c1939
Be Good to Yourself: A Book of Short Stories 1930
Be of Good Cheer 1939
Be Prepared to Prevent Infantile Paralysis 1930
Beacons in the Night 1934
The Bear Hunters of the Rocky Mountains 1862
Beast in View 1955
The Beauties of the Court of King Charles the Second 1833
Beautiful Joe: The Autobiography of a Dog 1893
Beautiful Joe's Paradise: Or, The Island of Brotherly Love 1902
A Beautiful Possibility 1904
Beauty and Thought in Verse 1942
Beauty for Ashes 1943
The Beauty of Martha 1923
Beaver, Kings and Cabins 1933
Beckoning Trails 1949
Becky Landers: Frontier Warrior 1926
Bed-Time Stories for My Grand-Children 1910
The Beemers of Layton Village
Before the White Man Came: Indian Legends and Stories 1923
The Beggar Maid: Stories of Flo and Rose 1979
The Beggar's Penny 1943
Beggar's Velvet 1948
Beggars All 1891
Beginnings 1986
Beginnings in Song 1918
Beginnings: A Winnipeg Childhood 1973
Behold the Hour 1959
Being Recollections of Six Years in the Royal Palace at Bangkok 1870
Being the Ridout Letters with Annotations 1890
Belated Violets
Belgium: Then and Now
Belinda Dalton: or, Scenes in the Life of a Halifax Belle 1859
Belle Plain District History: 1877-1967 1966
The Bells of Leyden Sing 1944
Bells of Red River 1937
The Bells of St. Stephen's 1922
The Bells on Finland Street 1950
Beloved Castaway 1936
Beloved Enemy 1950
Below the Salt 1936
Belthor, The Shepherd of Bethlehem
Ben Ona and the Christmas Carol 1931
Ben Peach and the Pirates 1991
The Bench and the Bar of Quebec 1931