TitlePublication Date
Playtime Rhyme: Verses for the Children c1907
A Plea for Emigration: Or, Notes of Canada West, In Its Moral, Social, And Political Aspect, With Suggestions Respecting Mexico, West Indies, And Vancouver's Island, For the Information of Colored Emigrants 1852
Pleasant Paths 1946
The Plough and the Pen: Writings from Hungary 1930-1956 1963
Plowing the Arctic 1945
Pocahontas: A Libretto of Opera in Five Acts 1891
The Poem No Sect in Heaven and a Reply to the Same in Poetry 1868
Poem-Anecdotes of Child Musicians 1934
Poem-Miniatures 1899
Poems 1877
Poems 1911
Poems c1894
Poems 1943
Poems c1933
Poems 1947
Poems 1859
Poems 1937
Poems 1869
Poems 1855
Poems 1894
Poems 1914
Poems 1885
Poems 1890
Poems 1939
Poems 1925
Poems 1918
Poems 1936
Poems 1889
Poems 1860
Poems 1950
Poems 1924
Poems and Lyrics 1923
Poems and Stories 1896
Poems and Translations 1887
Poems for a New Year in a New Age 1946
Poems for Children 1888
Poems for Children 1933
Poems for People 1925
Poems for People 1947
Poems for Young People Embracing Temperance and Religion 1870
Poems from a Cage: New, Selected, and Translated Poems 1961
Poems of Armegeddon 1914
Poems of Christina Willey 1928
Poems of Elaine Vadlan 1917
Poems of Life 1931
Poems of Nature and Romance 1794-1807 1910
Poems of Progress or Prohibition c1914
The Poems of Sarah Isabell Lowry Calder 1928
Poems of the Heart and Home 1881
Poems of the Romantic Revival 1904