TitlePublication Date
The Admiral's Niece: Or, A Tale of Nova Scotia 1858
The Adopted Daughter: Or, The Trials of Sabra 1858
Adopted Derelicts 1957
An Adoption of Tobie Tracy
Adoration: Little Grey Book #1 c1935
Adult Guide on the Rim of East Asia 1962
Advent Days and Poems of Remembrance 1902
The 'Adventurers of England' on Hudson Bay 1914
Adventures in Puddle Muddle 1935
Adventures in the Wilderness 1925
Adventures of Oregon: A Chronicle of the Fur Trade 1920
The Adventures of Prince Melonseed and the Adventurous Road 1916
Adventures with Animals Across Canada: A Collection of True-Based Stories 1976
Adventuring with David 1961
The Aeolian Harp: or, Miscellaneous Poems 1857
Affairs of State 1989
Affirmations: An Anthology, 1929-1978 1978
Afke’s Ten 1936
Africa Advancing: A Study of Rural Education and Agriculture in West Africa and the Belgian Congo 1945
Africa and the Making of Books, Being a Survey of Africa's Need of Literature 1934
After Dusk 1942
After Many Days: An Anglo-American Romance 1914
After the Honeymoon: One Hundred Hints on Husbandry 1922
Afternoon Tea in a Friendly Village, 1862 1912
Again with Music: Seven Poems 1980
Against Her Will 1877
Agnes of Braunsberg: A Legend of the Tyrol 1863
Agnes Selby: A Story for Children 1861
Aiko and Her Cousin Kenichi 1967
Aileen, A Poem 1865
Aims and Methods in Parent Education 1930
Air Raid Precautions for Canada 1942
An Air That Kills 1957
Air View Supplement to a Guide to Glastonbury’s Temple of the Stars 1937
Airborn from Edmonton 1960
Airman's Forty-Eight c1945
Alaska Challenge: Journey from Seattle Through BC to Alaska in 1930S 1940
Alaska: The Great Bear's Cub 1930
Alberta Red Cross in Peace and War (1914-1947) 1977
Alchemy and Other Poems 1935
Aldeane 1868
Aleta Dey: A Novel 1919
Alexander Clark, Loyalist: A Contribution to the History of New Brunswick 1940
Alexander Graham Bell: The Man Contracted Space 1928
Alexander Hunter Murray 1934
Alexander MacKenzie 1932
Alexander McBain, B.A., Prince in Penury 1906
An Algonquin Maiden: A Romance of the Early Days of Upper Canada 1886
Alice Lester: A Newfoundland Story 1904
Alice Maynard: or, The Uses of Affliction 1861