TitlePublication Date
Alice Riordan: The Blind Man’s Daughter 1854
All Around the House: Or, How to Make Homes Happy 1881
All Fool's Day 1948
All My Sisters 1994
All This Difference 1945
All This to Keep 1947
All We Like Sheep and Other Stories 1926
Allen Ruthvan, Knight 1908
Alleviations 1905
The Alleyne Curse 1980
Almeria's Castle: Or, My Early Life in India and in England 1866
Almighty Voice and the Red Coats 1967
The Almosts: A Study of the Feeble-Minded 1920
Along the Northumberland Strait: Poems of Nova Scotia 1934
Along the Road 1954
Along the Road to Hazelton 1932
Alpatak: The Story of an Eskimo Dog 1906
Alpha and Omega, and Other Poems 1932
Alpha-Diddle Riddles 1978
The Alphabet that was Good to Eat 1932
Alphabetical 1998
Alphabetical / Cosmologies 2000
Alphonse and Archibald 1953
The Alpine Path: The Story of My Career 1917
Altar Flowers 1936
Always Now: The Collected Poems Vol 3 2005
Always the Bubbles Break 1947
Always the Tides 1964
Ambassadors of Good Will: At Home and in Far Fields 1930
The Amber Merchant 1925
The Amber-Riders, and Other Poems 1929
Amelia J. Harris: The Story of Her Life 1937
Amendment: Or, Charles Grant and His Sister 1828
America, Awake! 1934
An American Girl in London 1891
The American Home Cook Book: A Volume of Tested Recipes 1913
Among the Hills
Among the Maples 1932
Among the People of British Columbia: Red, White, Yellow, and Brown 1903
Amy in Acadia: A Story for Girls 1905
An Idol of Bronze 1901
And Being Dead 1938
And in the Time of Harvest 1945
And Once More Saw the Stars: Four Poems for Two Voices 2001
And The Town Talked 1949
And They Shall Walk: The Life Story of Sister Elizabeth Kenny 1943
Andrew Johnson, President of the United States: His Life and Speeches 1866
Andries 1942
Andy and the Gopher 1959
Andy Breaks Trail 1928