TitlePublication Date
Land of the Good Shadows: The Life of Anauta, an Eskimo Woman 1940
The Land of the Living 1908
The Land of the Northern Men 1924
Land of the Scarlet Leaf 1915
Landing Fields: Sketches of the United Church of Canada and Young People Around the World 1937
Landmarks: A History of the Girl Guides of Alberta 1968
The Landscape Painter's Day
Lantern-Light 1934
Lanterns by the Lake 1929
Lanterns in the China Sky 1941
Lanterns in the Dusk 1944
Lark Ascending 1932
The Last Buffalo Hunter: As Told to Her by Norbert Welsh 1939
The Last Cache 1927
The Last Concubine 1970
The Last Landscape 1992
Last Love 1976
A Last Memory of Robert Louis Stevenson 1916
The Last of the Vestals and Other Dramas 1914
The Last of the Vestals: A Historical Drama for Girls 1914
The Last Robin: Lyrics and Sonnets 1907
The Last Twist of the Knife 1946
Latchkey Ladies 1921
Later Poems and New Villanelles 1928
Laugh, Baby, Laugh 1970
The Laughing Queen: A Romance of Cleopatra 1929
Laughter in the Front Hall 1966
Laura Secord 1928
Laura Secord, The Heroine of 1812: A Drama, And Other Poems 1887
Laurel Flour Cook Book 1923
Laurentian Heritage 1948
Lava 1940
Law and the Practice of Nursing 1947
The Law Is Not for Women: A Legal Handbook for Women 1976
The Law of Canadian Companies 1931
Lawren Harris 1969
Lawyer Robert Streighton’s Discovery at a Mineral Spring 1893
The Lay of the Nibelungs: Metrically Translated from the Old German Text: To which Is Prefixed the Essay on the Nibelungen Lied by Thomas Carlyle 1898
Lays and Lyrics 1913
Lays from the West 1884
Lays of the Fireside: A Collection of Poems 1905
Lays of the True North and Other Canadian Poems 1895
Le Manoir De Villerai 1861
Le Petit Nord: Or, Annals of a Labrador Harbour 1920
Leaf of the Lotus 1931
Leaflets of Verse 1923
Leah's Confessions: An Autobiography 1867
Learn to Do by Doing: The History of 4-H in Canada c1971
Learning to Speak and Write, Books 1& 2 1924
Leave It to Phyllis 1923