TitlePublication Date
That Girl Ginger 1931
That Lonesome Road: The Autobiography of Carrie M. Best 1977
That May Be One 1929
That Reminds Me of N.A.P. 1942
That Summer with Lexy 1964
That Which Is Passed 1923
That's What I'm Here for: Robert B. McElheran, His Days and His Ways 1955
The "Adventurers of England" On Hudson Bay: A Chronicle of the Fur Trade in the North 1914
The Ladies! A Shining Constellation of Wit and Beauty 1922
The Why In the Drawing Lesson 1929
Their Class Motto: Duty First
There Is a God! Debate Between Aimee Semple McPherson, Fundamentalist, And Charles Lee Smith, Atheist 1934
There Once was a Camel 2008
There's Always Another Year 1933
There’s Lots of Bush...Between the Tee and the Green 1988
These Things Linger 1946
They Grew in Beauty: A Novel 1946
They Tell Me, Volume 1 1943
They Tell Me, Volume 2 1944
They Walk in Dignity: Four Canadian Indians 1967
They Who Came Back and Other Verses 1918
Thirteen Bears 1947
Thirty Indian Legends of Canada 1912
Thirty-Five Years Later: Supplement to the Jubilee History of Thorold Township and Town, Covering the Eventful Period from 1897 to 1932 1932
This Alien Heart 1942
This and That: The Lost Stories of Emily Carr 2007
This Canada of Ours 1937
This Canada of Ours: A Pictorial History 1929
This Hour 1945
This is Maggie Muggins 1959
This Is New Brunswick 1951
This Is on the House 1957
This Is Ontario! 1937
This Is That: Personal Experiences, Sermons and Writings of Aimee Semple McPherson, Evangelist 1919
This Is the Peace 1946
This Land Is Our Land: An Emotionally Charged Novel of the Love, Joys and Tragedies of a Pioneer Family 1972
This Life of Ours c1925
This Necessary Murder 1957
This New Canada 1948
This Side Jordan 1960
This Tiny Book 1928
This was the Kootenay 1963
This West Shore 1981
This Wild Rose of Mine 1913
Thistledown 1903
Thomas D'Arcy McGee 1930
Thomas Hardy and the Wessex Novels 1928
Thorn-Apple Tree 1942
Thorny's Hideaway 1961
Thos: A Simple Canadian Story 1878