TitlePublication Date
The Kaiser's Last Hope
Kaleidoscope 1946
Kaleidoscope Echoes, Being Historical, Philosophical, Scientific, And Theological Sketches, From the Miscellaneous Writings of the Rev. Philip Tocque, A.M. 1895
Kaleidoscope: Selected Poems of P.k. Page 2010
Kaleidoscopic Quebec 1947
Kali and the Golden Mirror 1967
Karen Folk-Lore, an Unwritten Bible 1913
Karen Presents 1955
Karen's Memory 1939
Kate Aitken’s Canadian Cook Book 1945
Kate Aitken’s Guernsey Gold Christmas Recipes 1966
Kate Danton: Or, Captain Danton's Daughters 1876
Katharine Felton and Her Social Work in San Francisco 1947
Kathleen and Peter 1934
Kathleen Parlow, A Portrait 1967
Katie Johnstone's Cross 1870
Katy Did 1926
Keep Me Warm One Night: Early Handweaving in Eastern Canada 1972
Keep Your Quilt, Mary Ann 1944
The Keeper of Bic Lighthouse: A Canadian Story of to-Day 1891
The Keepsake Guineas: Or, The Best Use of Money 1828
Keller's Continental Revue 1946
Kenilworth and Other Poems 1934
Kerchiefs to Hunt Souls 1895
Kersti and St. Nicholas 1940
The Key of Dreams: A Romance of the Orient 1922
The Key of Gold and Other Thoughts 1930
The Key of Jack Canuck's Treasure House 1916
Keyhole Country: A Story About Things You Would Certainly See If You Went Through the Keyhole 1885
Keynesian Economics 1942
The Keys of My Prison 1956
The Kicking Horse Trail: Scenic Highway from Lake Louise, Alberta, To Golden, British Columbia 1927
Kid’s Plays: Six Canadian Plays for Children 1980
Kids What I Knows
Kilmeny of the Orchard 1910
Kim and Katy: Circus Days 1956
Kim and Katy: Schooldays 1958
Kim and Katy: Their Summer Holiday 1956
A Kind of Fiction 2001
A Kind of Perseverance 1994
The Kinder Bees 1935
Kindredship and Other Poems 1944
King Albert
King Arthur and His Nights 1905
King Arthur’s Round Table of the Zodiac 1946
The King Danced in the Marketplace 1964
King Gold's Party: The Competition of the Medals 1932
The King Is a Witch 1965
King Oberon's Forest 1957
The King of the Park 1897