TitlePublication Date
Inuvik: Place of Man 1960
Invalid Cookery: For the Use of the Trained Nurse and All Others Who Have to Cook and Serve Food for Invalids 1907
The Invisible Gate 1949
The Invisible Worm 1941
Invitation to Mood 1949
The Inward Trail: Poems from Banff 1992
Ireland c1918
The Irish Beauties 1931
An Irish Princess 1917
An Irish Saint: The Life Story of Ann Preston Known Also As "Holy Ann" 1907
The Iron Gates 1945
The Iroquois Enjoy a Perfect Day, A Chance Meeting, And Other Poems 1939
Iroquois Fires: The Six Nations Lyrics and Lore of Dawendine 1995
The Irritable Heart of Soldiers and the Hampstead Heart Hospital 1918
Is It Just? A Tale of British Columbia Life 1911
Is Jesus Christ the Great“I Am” Or Is He the Great“I was”?
Is Marriage a Failure? Lost! And Many Gems of Verse 1899
Is Your Straight Man Gay Enough? The Ultimate Renovation Guide 2004
Isaac Brock and Laura Secord c1932
Isaac Jogues 1929
Isabel Leicester: A Romance 1874
Isabella Valancy Crawford 1923
Isabella Valancy Crawford 1923
The Island of Fish in the Trees 1962
Island Trails: Highways and Byways on Vancouver Island, BC 1945
The Island, And Other Poems 1934
The Island: Rhymes and Sketches c1920
Isle of Gladness c1935
Isle of Romance 1973
Isle Royale: The Front Door of Canada 1929
Isles of Eden 1924
Isles of Paisley 1928
It Began in Eden 1936
It Happened in Australia 1936
It Happened in South Africa 1936
It Is the Law: A Drama in Five Acts 1896
It was a Boy 1905
It Won't Be Flowers 1936
It's All Free, On the Outside: A Novel 1975
It's Fun to do Cross-stitch and Needlepoint 1945
It’s All in the Family 1948
J.S. Woodsworth: A Man to Remember 1953
J.W. Beattie 1948
Jack and the Joker 1944
Jack Miner and the Birds c1923
The Jacobeans at Home 1962
The Jade Heart: A Fantasy in One Act in the Chinese Manner 1946
Jady and the General 1955
Jake, The Baker, Makes a Cake 2008
Jalna 1927