TitlePublication Date
Human Values and Technological Change: Seventeenth Annual Conference, May 16 and 17, 1967 1967
The Human-Interest Story: A Study of Popular Literature 1937
Humane Education 1927
Humanities in Homespun 1969
Humbly Yours 1935
Humour in Tragedy: Hospital Life Behind Three Fronts by a Canadian Nursing Sister 1919
Humours of'37: Grave, Gay, And Grim 1897
Humours of'37: Grave, Gay, And Grim 1897
A Hundred Trips to Storyland 1930
A Hundred Years a-Fellin': Some Passage from the Timber Saga of Ottawa in the Century in which the Gillies Have Been Cutting in the Valley, 1842-1942 1943
Hundreds and Thousands: The Journals of Emily Carr 1966
The Hunter and the Medicine Man 1966
The Hut in the Forest: A Dramatic Poem in Three Episodes 1917
Hy Brasille: The Happy Land of the West 1966
Hymns of Praise and Gladness 1896
Hypnotized: Or, The Experiment of Hugh Galbraith 1898
I Am Here and Not Not-There 2009
I and My True Love 1908
I Knew MacBean 1948
I Like British Columbia 1938
I Lived in Paradise 1942
I Married an Artist 1951
I Married the Klondike 1954
I Met Some Little People 1941
I Need You 1983
I Run with the Fox 1946
I Saw My Mortal Sight 1959
I Seek My Way 1949
I Send a Voice 1978
I Travel to the Poet's Mart 1936
I Visit the Soviets 1937
I was There: A Book of Reminiscences 1938
I, Mary MacLane: A Diary of Human Days 1917
I'm Going Home c1927
Ice Age 1975
Ida Wilmot: The Queen of the Household 1866
Ideals and Realities in Europe 1925
Idleness: Or, The Double Lesson and Other Tales 1862
Idols: Or, The Secret of the Rue Chaussée D'Antin 1882
Idylls of Our Island c1923
Idylls of the Dane 1916
If a Man Love 1948
If I Could Sing 1913
If I Forget Thee... Souvenir of the Centenary of Ottawa 1926
If I Were All These... 1974
If I Were King of Canada 1931
If It Prove Fair Weather 1940
If Liberty Dies Here: A Play in One Act 1944
If We are Spared to Each Other: Love and Faith Against the Sea: The Diary of Annie Rogers Butler and Letters of Captain John Kendrick Butler 1995
Igloo for the Night 1943