TitlePublication Date
A Full Life: The Story of Van Dearing Perrine 1939
Funmakers 1985
Funny Fables of Fundy: and Other Poems for Children 1928
Fur and Gold in the Kootenays 1945
The Fur Brigade 1953
The Fur Trade of America 1921
The Fur Trade 1968
Furry and Fluffy: The Story My Children Loved Best 1946
Further Chronicles of Avonlea 1920
Further Disclosures by Maria Monk, concerning the Hotel Dieu Nunnery in Montreal; Also, Her Visit to Nuns' Island, And Disclosures Concerning the Secret Retreat 1837
The Future of Our Poetry 1931
G.A. Reid, Canadian Artist 1946
G.B. Lancaster, 1873-1945: A Canadian Tribute 1948
Gabriel Praed's Castle 1904
Gabriel West and Other Poems 1866
Gabrielle Amethyst 1908
Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia 1964
The Gallants 1924
Games and Parties the Year Round 1938
A Garden by the Sea and Other Poems 1921
Garden Lilies 1929
A Garden of Bible Verses 1939
The Garden of Canada 1902
A Garden of Fragrant Rememberings c1935
A Garden of Prayers: Prayers for Boys and Girls of Junior Age 1938
The Garden of the Heart: A Garland of Verses 1903
The Garden of Vision: A Story of Growth 1929
Garibaldi: Knight of Liberty 1945
A Garland Gathered at Morn: A Collection of Short Poems 1871
A Garland: Lectures and Poems c1931
Garnered Gleanings 1933
The Gaspé Coast in Focus 1940
Gaspé the Romantique 1936
Gaspé, Land of History and Romance c1949
Gastropoda and Conularida of the Ottawa Formation of the Ottawa-St. Lawrence Lowland 1951
A Gate of Cedar 1922
Gathered from My Garden 1901
Gay Fiesta 1938
Gems for the Home Circle 1869
Gems from Scotia's Crown 1897
Gems of Catholic Thought: Sayings of Eminent Catholic Authors 1882
Gems of Vancouver, And Other Poems c1935
Genealogy of Anglo-Dutch Estabrooks Family of New Brunswick 1935
General Brock 1904
The Genesis of Empire Day 1910
Geneva and Its Environs
A Gentle Benefactress 1892
The Gentle Fraud 1959
A Gentleman Adventurer: A Story of the Hudson's Bay Company 1924
Gentlemen Adventurers 1932