TitlePublication Date
For Goodness' Sake 1949
For His Country, And Grandmother and the Crow 1900
For King and Country: A Story of 1812 1874
For Me to Live 1936
For My Children's Children 1937
For Remembrance 1944
For the Flag: Or, Lays and Incidents of the South African War 1901
For This Freedom Too 1942
For This Hour and Other Poems 1937
For This I Live: Poems 1963
For Walt Whitman 1923
For You 1931
Forbidden Adventure 1967
Forbidden Frontier 1968
The Forest Barrier: A Novel of Pioneer Days 1930
Forest Folk 1949
The Forest of Bourg-Marie 1898
The Forest of Happiness
The Forest Runner 1920
Forever to-Morrow 1946
Forfeit, And Other Poems 1926
The Forging of the Pikes: A Romance of the Upper Canadian Rebellion of 1837 1920
Forgotten Children 1929
Fort George's Lonely Sycamore. A Reminiscence of Niagara
Fort William Interests in Smithsonian Institution 1920
Fortnight in Frascati 1940
Fortune Trail 1954
Fortune Turns Her Wheel 1929
Fortune, a play in one act 1936
Forty Years Agrowing: A History of Ontario Women's Institutes 1941
Forty Years in Canada: Reminiscences of the Great North-West, with Some Account of His Service in South Africa, by Colonel S. B. Steele, Late of the N.W.M. police 1915
Forty Years of Song 1911
The Forty-Eighth Highlanders 1915
Forward Thru the Ages
The Fountain in the Square 1963
Fountains of Ordunna 1923
Four Ballads and a Play 1933
The Four Leaf Clover 1934
Four Poems c1965
Four Went to the Civil War 1985
Fourth Entrance to Huronia: The History of Owen Sound 1980
The Fourth Queen 1926
Fragment c1945
A Fragment of Ontario’s Scott Act: or, A Ruined Life 1893
Fragments 1911
Fragments of Fantasy 1928
The Fragrant Minute for Every Day 1925
Fragrant Wisdom 1931
Françaises d'Amérique 1914
Frances and the Crees 1957