TitlePublication Date
A Happy Adventure: Or, Newfoundland in 1915… As Writ by the First Mate
Happy Because Good
The Happy Child 1938
The Happy Harfords 1938
A Happy Holiday 1890
The Happy Home: Or, The Children at the Red House 1863
A Happy Mistake 1924
Happy Playtime, More Just Mary Stories: A Recent Selection of the Famous Radio Series 1948
Happy Tramp: The Story of a Little Girl and Her Old English Sheep Dog 1942
Harbour Lights 1954
Hardy Roses: Their Culture in Canada 1923
Hark! The Bugle Calls c1914
Harold Bowdoin's Investment 1904
A Harp in the Wind 1938
Harriet Farewell 1975
Harris Vineberg and His Family: A History 1988
Harvest 1944
Harvest of Dreams 1935
The Harvest of Leisure 1931
The Harvest of Moloch 1908
Hassan 1960
Hasten the Day 1961
Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage 2001
Hatfield, the Rainmaker 1946
The Haunted Hut: A Winter Mystery 1950
Haunthouse 1931
Have You Tried Writing Lately? The How's, What's, And Wherefore's c1975
Haven’t Any News: Ruby’s Letters from the Fifties 1995
Having a Party 1936
The Hazeley Family 1894
He Belonged to the West: James Robertson 1958
He Conquered Death: The Story of Frederick Grant Banting 1945
He Is Not Dead!
He Rides the Sky 1941
He That Eateth Bread with Me 1904
He Will Return 1959
The Head Keeper: A Tale 1898
Health by Doing, Grade 4 1937
Health Jingles Every Child Should Know for School and Home c1950
The Health of the Community: How to Promote It - Public Health Papers #1 1897
Health Stories and Practice, Book III 1937
Healthful Meals at Low Cost 1933
Hearing a Far Call 1943
The Heart Divided 1946
Heart Forget-Me-Nots 1910
The Heart in Pilgrimage 1948
The Heart of a Peacock 1953
Heart of a Stranger 1976
The Heart of a Woman 1906
The Heart of Hyacinth 1903