TitlePublication Date
The Stream Runs Fast: My Own Story, Volume 2 1945
The Streamlined Madonna 1946
The Street Where I Live: A Novel 1976
Strength for the Bridge: A Chronicle of Japanese Immigration 1966
The Strickland Sisters: Catherine Parr Traill and Susanna Moodie 1929
Strijd Voor Een Molen 1952
The Strike of the Ladies' Aid 1926
Striking for Higher Wages 1923
A String of Amber: The Heritage of the Mennonites 1973
Strolls in Old Corners of Bucharest 1926
The Struggle Against Absolute Monarchy, 1603-1688 1877
Student Guide for Samantha's Secret Room 1979
Studies for Poems c1877
Studies in Ethics for Nurses 1916
Studies in Evolution and Biology 1890
Studies in the History of Spain in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century 1929
Studies of Plant Life in Canada: Or, Gleanings from Forest, Lake and Plain 1885
A Study of Social Problems and Manual for Study of Social Problems 1907
A Study of the Acadian Element in the Population of N.S. 1898
A Study of Tics in Pre-School Children 1935
A Study of Tom Thomson: The Story of a Man Who Looked for Beauty and for Truth in the Wilderness 1935
The Stump Farm: A Chronicle of Pioneering 1928
Subsequent Careers of Non-Academic Boys 1935
Successful Home Canning 1949
Successful parties 1940
Successful Recitations 1927
Such Thorns As Pierce My Heart 1939
Sugar Island 1951
Sugar Shanty 1941
Summer at Lonely Beach and Other Stories 1982
A Summer at Woodville 1897
Summer Dust 1936
Summer Hotel 1936
Summer of Surprise 1960
A Summer on Hudson Bay 1949
A Summer on the Canadian Prairie 1910
Summer Solstice: A Drama in One Act 1935
Summer Songs in Idlenesse 1903
The Sun and the Moon and Other Fictions 1973
The Sun and the Moon 1944
Sun Hee and the Street Boy 1962
The Sun Horse 1951
Sun Prize Winners 6th Annual Cook Book 1939
Sun Yat-Sen, His Life and Its Meaning: A Critical Biography 1934
Sunbeams: A Collection of Original Poems 1898
Sunblue 1978
Sundays in Soho: Twelve Stories for Children and Their Friends 1884
Sunlight in the Shadows: The Landscape of the Vision of Emily Carr 1984
The Sunne-Beam Staire 1930
Sunny Australia: A Photographic Picture Book 1941