TitlePublication Date
No Time 1989
Nonamessett and Other Poems 1928
The Nor'westers: The Fight for the Fur Trade 1954
Norine's Revenge: A Love Story 1875
Norine’s Revenge and Sir Noel’s Heir 1875
The North American Tradition 1941
North Mountain, Near Grand Pre 1883
North Pole Boarding House: As Told by Elsie McCall to Eugenie Myles 1951
The North Star Is Nearer 1949
The North West Company 1957
Northland Lyrics 1899
Northwest to the Sea: A Biography of William McGillivray 1975
Not Naughty Now c1919
Not One Atoll 1946
Not Yet But Still 1997
Note Book, 1840-1845 1845
The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1957-1990
Notes from Our Log in South Africa, and On Foot Through the Colonies 1880
Notes of a Nomad 1918
Notes on a Screenplay for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Tender is the Night” 1976
Notes on Nursing: How to Treat Smallpox - Guaranteed to Prevent Disfiguration and Lessen Suffering - Cure for Cholera, Cancer, Sprains, &c. &c. 1890
Notes on Silphium 1937
Nothing Like Black on White 1878
The Nova Scotia Land Settlement Board: Economic Recipes and Household Hints 1939
Nova Scotia: A Brief History 1956
Nova Scotia's Two Remarkable Giants: Angus McAskill and Anna Swan 1970
The Novels of Sir Charles G.D. Roberts 1950
Novelty on Earth 1942
Now and Forever 1945
Now in This Night 1973
Now That I'm Fifty 1949
Now the Green World 1952
Number 4 Canadian Hospital: The Letters of Professor J.J. MacKenzie from the Salonika Front 1933
Nurse Among the Eskimos 1969
Nurse and Spy in the Union Army: Comprising the Adventures and Experiences of a Woman in Hospitals, Camps and Battlefields 1865
Nurse Todd's Strange Summer 1960
The Nursery Child in Home and Church 1938
Nursery Education: Theory and Practice 1935
Nursing Ethics 1900
Nursing of the Sick 1949
Nursing: Its Principles and Practice for Hospital and Private Use 1893
Nutrition in Health and Disease 1943
O Canada! 1964
O Little Children Lead Us: Christmas Carol for Ladies' Voices 1947
O River, Remember! 1943
O Woman! 1977
The O'Brian Family: Or, Fruits of the Bible Reading 1855
Oak and Maple: English and Canadian Verses 1890
Oak Leaves 1869
Obituaries: Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, August 6, 1820 - January 19, 1914; Sir Jonathan Hutchinson, F.R.C.S., F.R.S., July 23, 1828 - June 23, 1913; Charles Sedgwick Minot, D.S., LL.D., D.Sc., December 23, 1852 - November 19, 1914 1915