TitlePublication Date
The New Crusaders and Other Poems 1943
The New Dawn 1913
New Furrows: A Story of the Alberta Foothills 1926
New Ideas for Praise Winning Meals and Parties c1943
The New Joan and Other Poems 1917
New Just Mary Stories: A Recent Selection of the Famous Radio Stories 1946
New Just Mary Stories: A Recent Selection of the Famous Radio Stories 1958
New Lights: Or, Life in Galway 1853
New Maggie Muggins Stories: A Recent Selection of the Famous Radio Stories 1947
New Moon 1938
The New North: Being Some Account of a Woman’s Journey Through Canada to the Arctic 1910
New Nursery Stories 1929
The New People: The Eskimo's Journey Into Our Time 1966
New Poems 1955
New Recipes of Flavour 1935
New Recipes of Flavour c1935
The New Secret 1946
The New Song, And Other Poems 1883
New Songs 1934
The New Temperance Cookery Book c1911
The New World 1921
New Worlds for Women 1944
New Years Blessings 1913
The Newfoundland Fishermen 1835
Newfoundland Names 1938
The Newport Book of Recipes 1941
News and the Human Interest Story 1940
The Next of Kin: Stories of Those Who Wait and Wonder 1917
Next Year Country 1951
Niagara One Hundred Years Ago: The Ancient Capital and Its Vicinity 1892
Niagara, Hinge of the Golden Arc 1958
Nicolet 1892
The Night Hawk: A Romance of the'60s 1901
The Night of the Lord 1967
Night Studies 1985
Nin Naunanimin: "There are Five of Us" 1939
Nine Poems of Farewell, 1972-1973 1973
The Ninth Vibration, And Other Stories 1922
Nipigon Bungalow Camp 1924
Nita, The Story of an Irish Setter: Containing Also Uncle Jim's Burglar and Mehitable's Chicken 1904
No Compromise: The Story of Colonel Baker and the C.N.I.B. 1965
No Daughter of Mine: The Women and History of the Canadian Women's Press Cub, 1904-1971 1995
No Life for a Lady 1976
No Particular Season 1977
No Passport: A Discovery of Canada 1968
No Red Carpet: A Contemporary Play in Three Acts 1960
No Reporters Please 1977
No Small Tempest 1957
No Speedier Way: A Volume Commemorating the Golden Jubilee of the Christian Literature Society for China, 1887–1937 1938
No Stones to Throw 1935