Full Name Margaret Adeline Brown

The attribution of a collection of poetry and prose—Voices: The Voice of the Knight and His Lady; St. George, the Knight of the Holy Grail; The Red Prince of the Sunlight and the Soil; and Waneita, The Queen of the North (Branford, ON: Aryan Society, Women's Institute, n.d.)—to Margaret Adeline Brown, is likely correct but is unverified.

Margaret Adeline Brown (1867-1937) is not the same person as author Margaret Helen Brown (1887-1978), although her marriage documents read "Margaret Heline Porter."

Brantford, ON, as Margaret Brown's place of death is likely, but not certain.

For a more detailed biography and bibliography, see her entry in the Canada's Early Women Writers project.

Birth date 1867
Birthplace Turnberry, ON
Death date 1941
Deathplace Brantford, ON
Alternate Names